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Stretched to the Limit: Most Women Would Rather Not Discuss Vaginal Looseness Caused by Childbirth
Amanda had her first baby at 21. She was not yet married, but that didn’t matter to her or the baby’s father. All they wanted was a healthy, happy child – and a settled family life.
After a smooth pregnancy with the usual oddball cravings, like mashed potatoes and tomato basil soup, Amanda felt calm about her pending delivery. That is, until the labor pains started. In the hospital, she felt her body turn itself inside out as her daughter came into the world. Yet, looking into her newborn’s eyes, Amanda knew the pain was worth the love she felt.
Learning to be a Mother – and a Lover
“It took a little time, but I adjusted to my baby’s crazy schedule,” Amanda says. “The feedings at two and five in the morning, the naps I snatched when she went to sleep. Luckily, I was able to take an extended hiatus from work. But I could not take the same absence from home.”
Amanda’s fiancée found himself relegated to second place, a position he claimed he didn’t mind. “He would say, ‘As long as you still love me,’” Amanda recalls. “Of course I did. I just didn’t have the energy to show him. I felt exhausted all the time.”
At her six-week check-up, Amanda’s doctor happily pronounced she had healed. “Apparently, a woman’s body is ripe for pregnancy in her early 20s,” Amanda says. “The doctor told me I healed quickly because of my age. That meant I was clear to make love, although I had absolutely zero interest.”
Amanda’s fiancée, on the other hand, was losing patience. He had relinquished rule of his house to the baby and never complained about the demands on Amanda’s time. But he now needed some reassurance, the kind that can only be provided by sex.
“I couldn’t put him off,” Amanda explains. “He’d been so great about everything that I had no right to deny him what he desperately wanted. So we planned a date night. I put the baby to bed, cooked dinner and lit candles. I even wore a dress and fixed my hair. The night went beautifully until we started having sex. I couldn’t feel anything, and to my great embarrassment, neither could he.”
Not So Subtle Changes to the Body
Despite being healed, and despite being young, pregnancy had changed Amanda’s body in ways she had never dreamed. Besides having heavier breasts and slightly larger feet, she also had a looser vagina. This was the one thing for which she was not prepared.
“I knew sex would be different after childbirth, but I never imagined my vagina would stretch so I felt nothing. I had to give my fiancée oral sex that night for him to orgasm. Intercourse didn’t bring pleasure to either of us.”
During delivery, the vagina naturally stretches so a baby can be born. The stretching is normal, but without a little exercise, a woman’s love canal will never return to its previously tight state.
“Exercising the vagina is easier than you think,” Amanda explains. “I’ve always heard mixed reviews about Kegel exercises, so I opted for Ben Wa Balls. (TRY: Ben Wa Balls for Loose Vagina Restoration) I ordered them online and started using them a couple times a day. Those balls along with regular exercise helped my vagina snap back into place. My sex life is as good as ever.”
Amanda’s right – Ben Wa Balls restore muscle tone to loose vaginal walls. They’re easy to use and suitable for women of all ages. “Any woman missing a little something during sex should use Ben Wa Balls,” Amanda advises.
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