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Prostate Exhaustion & Pain Can Lead To Rapid Ejaculation

The prostate produces the majority of your semen, and sexual practices affect the rate of orgasm. Over-masturbation and sex puts a higher demand on your body. In order to keep up with the constant flow of semen you’re losing, the prostate has to put in a few hours of overtime to not only meet the demands, but to anticipate for it in the future. Long-term excessive and abusive stimulation of the prostate will exhaust it, leading to prostate abrasion (“blue balls”) and various erectile dysfunctions including premature ejaculation.

What is Blue Balls?

An urban slang term used to refer to an uncomfortable or painful condition when a man has been over-stimulated or masturbated without ejaculation. The swollen buildup or congestion of seminal and prostate fluids make the testicles feel heavy and sore. People with prostate exhaustion can experience similar discomfort or soreness even hours after ejaculation. Some urologists call it, epididymal hypertension.

The Causes

High frequency of ejaculation or masturbation stimulates the storing and overproduction of seminal fluids. Combined with a high level of DHT, this may lead to prostate gland growth. This is a common problem for pubescent youths (and may also develop into “Youth Impotency” and "Premature Ejaculation" at the same time) and for those who carry the practice of sexual chronic self-manipulation well into their adulthood. People with sexual exhaustion also have exhausted 2 important enzymes, acid phosphatase and alpha glucosidase that involved in the merchanism of ejaculation control. Lower level of these enzymes link directly to severity of premature ejaculation.

Keep Your Prostate In Check

On the other hand, you may have heard that recent studies revealed that masturbating is good for your health. But it is important to recognize that the study looked at several men complaining about an inflammation of their prostates. These were men who avoided masturbation and extramarital sexual intercourse due to personal or religious reasons. When asked to begin or increase masturbation frequency to at least twice a week they were reevaluated after a six-month period. Most showed improvement, easing of the inflammation. Again, the build-up of excess hormones and seminal fluid may be the primary reason a growing prostate and premature ejaculation occur simultaneously.

Recover Now

Nutrients from Exhaustion Recovery For Your Prostate, which contains many essential minerals and herbs such as Pygeum, Saw palmetto, Ophiopogon, Quercetin, Ashwagandha , Selenium, Bulpeurum, White Peony (Paeonia Alba), and Cuscuta to initiate prostate rejuvenation and strengthen your ejaculation valve for better ejaculation control. Essential amino acids in these herbs also served as the building blocks for prostate exhaustion recovery.

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