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Friends Said Sex Cures Migraines - But I Got Heachace After Ejaculation Instead
Not all migraine sufferers experience the same symptoms, but they can all agree: migraines are terrible. Extreme pain, light sensitivity and even hallucinations are all possible characteristics of a migraine episode. With such extreme pains, those who have migraines have been known to look for any possible way to find relief and perhaps even prevention. 
When it comes to ways to alleviate the pain, there are the usual suspects. Everyone hears about how you should reduce stress. Get better sleep. Stop smoking cigarettes. Avoid certain food and drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol. There are seemingly as many cures as there are people with migraines, but what about the person who can’t find relief in any of these suggestions? 
There’s one natural solution that many people never even think of: less masturbation. While that may seem paradoxical (isn’t sexual release a stress reliever?) a combination of chemicals released from masturbation can create the perfect gateway through which migraines can come waltzing into your head. 
Masturbation the Root of All Evil
The problem is neurochemical. Over masturbation produces special kinds of enzymes that make it hard for you body to convert a one specific acid into another type of acid. This is like trying to break a $1 bill into four quarters, but something keeps slapping the money out of your hands.

Over masturbation produces enzymes that prevent the body from ever getting those four quarters. And without these “quarters,” there’s a rise in stress hormones in the body, which leads to a deficiency of other hormones. Suddenly there is constriction of arteries in the brain, and this means more headaches and more migraines.
Here are 6 herbs with properties that can directly address the over masturbation that lead to headaches and migraines. 
1. Ashwagandha - Over masturbation can increase mental and physical strain, and Ashwagandha grants men sexual vitality and bolsters resistance to stress.
2. Catuaba - This herb will increase blood flow to the brain, always a good idea when migraines are involved. It also improves peripheral circulation to aid against stress hormone build up.
3. Muira Puama - Reducing stress is always a good idea and this does just that. It also helps with performance anxiety and depression stemming from hormonal and nervous system dysfunctions
4. Mucuna Pruriens - To get control over unstable hormonal production, try Mucuna Pruriens, which inhibits the production of prolactin. Too much prolactin blocks the anti-inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-1. Not enough prostaglandin E-1 means the body will experience an inelasticity and inflexibility of nerves and tissues. And that means more headaches and more migraines.
5. Passion Flower - Studies have shown that there are better alternatives for pain relief than Passion Flower, but they have also shown that passion flower is helpful for anxiety, hyperactivity and high blood pressure. It can also suppress aromatose, an enzyme that can lead to low sex drive and stamina issues. 
6. Shilajit - As anyone with migraines knows, the pain can be excruciating. Shilajit, anti-inflammatory herb, can alleviate the pain associated with migraines and headaches.

These herbs, along with Cnidium, are combined in one all-natural remedy described. In addition to helping those who suffer migraines, the recovery pack is also good for those who are feeling increasingly helpless, cynical and worn out. And the numerous healing properties of these herbs can address problems with loss of focus, forgetfulness and even poor sleep quality.

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