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Understanding Meridians For Better Sexual Health - How 'Yin and Yang' affect our sex lives

One of the great achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine was the concept and exposure of our body’s “Meridian” pathways through which our lifeforce, our “Qi”, flows. Equally profound was the subsequent and complete mapping of these bio-energy channels within the human body. Uncovered were twelve main channels through which bio-energy circulates with endless and intricate force.
Each Meridian corresponds to one major organ or physiological process. Meridians are divided into two groups, the “Yin” and the “Yang”, concepts also inherent to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Translated, ‘Yin and Yang’ literally means “light and dark” and, in brief, is based on the idea that opposites cannot exist without the other. It’s a deep philosophy that is applied to the physical body in the case of the Meridian. The breakdown of the exact bodily Yin and Yang associations pertains to the limbs: Yin Meridians of the arm are the lung, heart, and pericardium. Yang Meridians of the arm are the large intestine, small intestine, and triple warmer. Meanwhile, the Yin Meridians of the leg are the spleen, kidney, and liver and theYang meridians of the leg are the stomach, bladder, and gall bladder.

The map of the Meridian channels is connected by 649 acupuncture points and 20 meridians. The meridians include twelve “Regular” channels that correspond to their respective organ; nourishing it and extending healthy support to its corresponding external limb. The remaining eight channels are named “Extraordinary”. Two of them have their own sets of points, while the other six connect those of other channels. The “Extraordinary” meridians are further distinguished as depositories and energy conduits and are not associated directly with the internal organs.

An important ‘light and dark’ element of Meridian science is water. Without it, the kidneys and the bladder could not function. Though the  kidneys are Yin organs, they are responsible for all Yin and Yang energy in the body. They have control over the endocrine system, bones, teeth, and bodily fluids. They also receive air from the lungs and they store ‘essence’. Naturally, dysfunction of the kidneys will lead to Yin or Yang deficiencies.

If a Meridian is blocked, various diseases and dysfunctions, both physiological and psychological, can ensue. Advancements in medicine have uncovered how diseases affect us physiologically. Through these relationships, Meridian disruptions can be directly linked to sexual problems. Undeniably, many men with erectile dysfunction or sexual exhaustion exhibit the same symptoms of Kidney Meridian dysfunctions.
By simply understanding how bio-energy flows through the Kidney Meridian, the reasons for all symptoms related to sexual dysfunction would be clear and treatable via the use of Chinese herbs that correspond to specific needs.

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