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Just Like a Video Game, With Sex You Have to Win – But How Can You With a Puny Gun?
Joe was a young Asian man who had just turned 19. He was a little nerdy in some ways, and very popular among his friends; especially in the gaming community. Almost every day, he’d get together either in person or online with his buddies and they’d play various video games for fun. His favorite genres were Role-Playing Games (RPGs) and First Person Shooters (FPSs).
An upcoming tournament featuring Joe’s favorite FPS game had Joe practicing into the wee hours of the morning; even among his gamer friends, his skills were god-like. On the day of the contest, Joe dashed across the virtual battlefield, racking up kill after kill against the enemy combatants. He even got a few knife assassinations in for good measure. Joe was declared the winner and all was good in the world – or was it?
The Hidden Side
While Joe’s gaming skills were through the roof, his prowess in bed was a different story. He’d only dated two girls, the first of which he lost his virginity on, and he tended to be awkward and nervous around girls in general. They always seemed to want to be his friend instead of anything else; meanwhile they’d be getting banged by the resident jock or badboy-type.
Joe internalized his inhibited social skills and masturbated frequently in order to feel a sense of sexual satisfaction (while fantasizing about hot girls at his university) and allay feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.
Over the next couple of years, Joe shed his geeky exterior and started to develop into an attractive young man. While he still enjoyed playing video games and continued to masturbate, his social life had begun to open up, and his prospects as far as women were concerned, vastly widened. All of a sudden, he found himself dating multiple girls.
Joe’s first new sexual encounter was a bust, but he chalked it up as just having an off day. The second one was a repeat of the previous one, where his penis just didn’t seem to want to get hard enough for an erection. When it happened a third time, Joe became very worried. He was only 21 and should have been in his sexual prime so he wondered what had happened to him.
Out of Ammo
Like Joe, many men can encounter erection problems; it’s one of the most common sexual dysfunctions out there. When men masturbate too much, or have too much sex with a partner, they deplete their body’s supply of hormones. No, that supply is not limitless; you have a finite amount stored in your body and like a water well, each time you ejaculate, a small amount of hormones is drained. If you’re not replenishing them properly, you can fall into a state of sexual exhaustion.
Other factors detrimental to one’s sex drive include nervousness and anxiety, and having a poor diet, where the foods eaten don’t replenish the body’s hormonal levels. These can all contribute to your erections falling into missing in action status.
When those boners go missing; women tend to mysteriously evaporate too, leaving many men with nothing to do except to fall back on masturbation like a crutch. So how can you avoid falling deeper into this hole?
Refilling Your Gun Naturally
In order for you to begin to recover from erectile dysfunction, make sure that you’re feeding your body with healthy foods. This means staying away from fast food, junk foods (such as chips, pastries, etc.), and even casual dining joints (corporate chain restaurants).
Instead, try shopping at your local grocery store or farmer’s market and stocking up on whole foods, including free-range meats, organics fruits and vegetables, grains, and reduced fat milk. You can replace those unhealthy snacks with organic trail mixes, sunflower seeds, dried fruits and the like.
If you’re like most men however, a little extra help is probably what you need. Certain herbal remedies are very effective at combating sexual dysfunctions including erectile problems. (SEE: Cnidium for Revitalizing Erections) That’s because they contain elements which are highly effective at rejuvenating your body’s hormonal levels and calming stress levels; getting them back to normal.
As your peace of mind increases, a natural boost in testosterone levels supplied by these herbs can re-power your sex drive, resulting in having harder erections and a powerful lust for sex. This in turn can put an end to soft erections and any anxiety associated with sexual exhaustion, and trigger that inner sexual beast within you. Get your herbal boner-booster now and make weak erections a thing of the past!

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