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Put It Back in Your Pants: Over-Masturbation Depletes the Body and Interferes with Sexual Responses
The first time Kate found Christopher masturbating, she shut the bathroom door. Her hands shook with shock. “I’m sorry,” Christopher said later. “Sometimes I have to do that.”
Kate struggled to ask, “Am I not enough for you?”
“I love you,” Christopher replied. “But masturbating…well, it’s like a release. It just feels good.”
More Often Than Not
A few days later, Kate passed the bathroom and heard Christopher inside. She didn’t need to open the door to know what he was doing. Over and over, she heard or caught him masturbating. When she could no longer contain her anger, she lashed out at him. “This is all you care about,” she said. “Not me, not sex, just jacking-off.”
“What are you talking about?”
“When we make love, you hurry to finish. Your erections are soft. Do you want me to leave? Is this your way of telling me to go?”
A Common Problem
Kate didn’t bother hiding her frustration. Had she known the truth, she would have ended her relationship with Christopher then and there: he pleasured himself twice a day. As it was, she felt like a toy Christopher used when he wanted.
“Kate wasn’t the problem,” Christopher says. “I was. I started masturbating as a teenager and never stopped. Knowing I could get-off whenever I wanted became a drug. I was completely addicted.”
Christopher isn’t the only male who can make this claim. Many men – and women, for that matter – become addicted. Masturbation provides an easy and self-focused release. It also paves the way for health problems.
When Masturbation Interferes with Sex
A person knows he or she is addicted to masturbation when it interferes with daily activities or makes a romantic partner feel neglected. Kate needed more attention from Christopher as well as more action in the bedroom.
“Our sex life was far from perfect,” she recalls. “I never reached orgasm with Christopher. He came so quickly I couldn’t.”
Christopher says he felt he’d lost control of his body, a fact that became evident each time he and Kate had sex. “I didn’t get completely hard, which made me feel self-conscious,” he says. “Then I came too quickly. I wasn’t making love to my woman – that’s an act of mutual pleasure and sensuality. I was having plain, boring sex.”
Still he continued masturbating on top of these woes because, as he says, his urges were compulsory. “I felt horny and went to the bathroom, where I had nothing to think about but myself. I could get off in under two minutes.”
Time for Help
Christopher and Kate met with a sex therapist who told Christopher he needed to stop masturbating – immediately. The therapist also recommended an herbal formula to balance Christopher’s hormones and revitalize his body. (TRY: Cong Rong Cistanche for Longer Lasting Erections) Herbs can restore natural testosterone levels and repair damaged penis tissues for improved sexual responses.
“We ordered Cong Rong Bu Shen Pian to flush Christopher’s body of unwanted toxins and chemicals,” Kate says. “Too much masturbation causes an excess production of serotonin, dopamine and other hormones. He lacked endurance and hard erections because his body was sexually exhausted.”
“Once I started taking the formula, I felt like a different person,” Christopher tells us. “I felt energized. I wanted Kate every day all day, but I resisted my urges. I stopped masturbating and learned to wait for sex. I wanted sex because I felt so fulfilled afterward. My erections were rock-hard, and my orgasms were like explosions.”
“The best decision we ever made was ordering the herbal formula,” Kate agrees. “Our sex life is amazing because of it.”
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