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Ladies Beware of Your Organ Function: An Overworked Liver Leads to Hormonal Imbalances and Menstrual Problems

When Stacie developed severe PMS problems in her early 30s, she attributed the cause to age. It’s not uncommon for a woman’s body to change with time, and Stacie knew from her older sister that many of those changes are not pleasant. The two often joked about whose symptoms were worse: Lila, with her heavy flow and breast tenderness, or Stacie, with her cramps, fatigue and mood swings.

When Menstruation is No Laughing Matter
“We tried to make light of what we knew was coming each month,” Stacie explains. “We teased each other, suggested the problems were in our genes and reminisced about our teenage days, when periods came and went with hardly a notice.”
Stacie certainly noticed her period. But she endured the symptoms like a “good” woman does. Her husband, meanwhile, tried to make himself scarce each time Aunt Flow came to town.
“I think he was afraid of me,” Stacie laughs. “Not that I blame him. My mood swings were terrifying. I would cry at nothing, and 20 minutes later I’d scream because the TV volume was too high. I wasn’t exactly easy to live with.”
It’s possible Stacie would have continued to let PMS rule her life if not for a chance conversation with her doctor. She went for a routine gynecological exam and mentioned her difficulty with menstruation. The doctor didn’t respond how Stacie had expected – claiming PMS is a woman’s lot in life; instead, he expressed concern and candidly spoke about an unexpected organ: the liver.
An Unlikely Connection between Liver Function and PMS
“I remember him telling me the liver helps regulate hormone levels, especially estrogen. The liver is responsible for metabolizing hormones so the body can use them. When this organ becomes overworked, hormone levels become imbalanced, and PMS takes hold.”
Stacie initially sat in silence, mulling over the doctor’s words. Was it possible she didn’t have to battle with PMS each month? The idea was novel but worth exploring. She began asking questions and learned many factors can impair liver function, including diet and exercise.
“My doctor basically told me PMS is almost entirely controllable with healthy liver function,” Stacie says. “But so many things we do inhibit the liver without our knowing it. Eating processed, greasy foods, for example, takes its toll. So does drinking soda and alcohol. Even medications can fatigue the liver. My birth control, with its daily onslaught of synthetic hormones on top of the natural ones produced by my body, overloaded my liver.”
Stacie’s doctor explained that all things – greasy potato chips, sugar-laden donuts and juicy hamburgers – can be enjoyed in moderation. The key is in eating a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Water and tea are the best beverages, and alternative contraceptive methods should be explored in lieu of oral birth control.
“My liver function had slowed to a point that my hormones were all over the places,” Stacie recalls. “My prostaglandin levels were especially high. Prostaglandin E2 is a chemical that brings pain and inflammation, which explains my menstrual cramps. My other symptoms, fatigue and moodiness, were the result of imbalanced estrogen.”
A Solution for All Women Battling PMS
With Stacie’s liver already bogged by chemicals, her doctor recommended she use an herbal supplement to help get her back on track. Herbs promote hormonal balance, regulate blood sugar levels and relieve PMS symptoms – without causing additional side effects. They also help the body expel toxins to restore healthy liver function. A formula with the most beneficial blend of ingredients is PMS Relief Solution for Health Female Reproduction.
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