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The Other Detriments of Nicotine: A Shrinking Penis
Even as a non-smoker, I can still understand how hard it is to quit smoking. It becomes more and more apparent how nicotine dependent some people can become, especially during the winter seasons.
The Chain Gang
There are parts of this country where the wind chill factor will cut through you like the coldest shard of glass you've ever seen, no matter how much you bundle up. Yet, even in those cold regions, you will still see smokers outside of their office buildings and other places of work, huddled together like a heard of penguins with a nicotine habit.
Like I mentioned before, I am no smoker, but anything that makes you stand outside in the rain and snow like that must be hard to shake. Unfortunately, it may be imperative to quit smoking if you plan on being sexually active five to ten years from now.
Life Science
In recent years, studies have proven that smoking cigarettes can lead to a multitude of problems, including; lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. These are the main diseases that are pushed to the forefront when anti-smoking commercials are made, but did you know that smoking can also cause a terrible loss of sexual activity in your life as well?
It's true, when a person inhales smoke into their body, the smoke and the other chemicals that a cigarette is laced with will constrict arteries. This lessens the proper blood flow that we need for our bodies to function in a healthy manor. If blood flow is being constricted in the body, and the penis is powered mainly by blood being forced into the inner chamber within the shaft of the penis, how do you think things will end up? Well, they really won't be ending “Up” at all. And there lays your problem.
The Hay Day Of Tobacco
Back in the fifties and sixties, cigarette smoking was actually considered very chic and in vogue. And they were also missing a lot of the additives and harmful chemicals that are included in your typical pack of cigarettes today. This made it possible for people to smoke virtually anywhere.
Offices had free smoking policies, restaurants were not segregated between smoking and non, you could smoke on a plane! There were even some doctors that prescribed smoking cigarettes to their patients that had problems with high stress levels.
Luckily, these days we know better. Not only do cigarettes cause so many other problems besides fish mouth and yellow teeth, they can also kill you and the people surrounding you. And they can put one serious damper on your sex life.
Reversing The Down To Up It
Of course it would help your future sex life if you stopped smoking all together, but like I said before, I understand the struggle is real. Luckily, there are some great natural supplements that can get that blood properly flowing to the shaft of your penis in no time at all.
Just be sure to be wary of what kind of penis enlargement supplement you go with. (SEE: Smoke Detoxification and Enlargment Formula) You'll want to stick to the most organic product you can find, so that you do not add any unnecessary chemicals to your system.
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