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What It Means to Date a Stoner: How Men Are Smoking Away Their Erections with Marijuana

I don’t think it’s an uncommon thing is this day and age for we women to be dating or married to someone who habitually uses marijuana. We might even use it ourselves! But there’s less of an impact on our functioning sexuality—at least on the outset—than there is for our men. I’m sure you’ve noticed: men who smoke marijuana regularly tend to have less than stellar boners.
I myself have never been with a man who smokes weed every day and thought, “Wow, this guy’s penis is both well-functioning and large!” It’s always more like, “Gee, I can see he’s packing; it’s too bad he never get’s a full erection,” or “I would love for him to go a few days without pot and then see how he is in bed.”
Can’t They See?
It’s most frustrating when you can see that a man has the capability for a large erection, but just never gets them. It’s such a tease! I can understand that some men enjoy smoking weed, but when it starts to affect their very manhood, you’d think they’d lay off. I’m not sure if it’s denial, or disinterest (how often have we seen a man who’s disinterested in his penis?), but something is mentally blocking the cause-and-effect process from occurring in a man’s mind between marijuana and minimal erections.
Brain Teaser
Why does marijuana cause soft erections? It’s to do with how THC works in the brain. It’s actually quite a sneaky process—THC tricks the brain into not producing testosterone by taking the place of one cholinergic reaction in the chain between brain and adrenal gland. That’s all it takes, just one gap in the chain, for testosterone production to be derailed in the body. And that missing testosterone is enough to ruin you and your boyfriend’s sex life—whether he knows it or not.
Open the Door
Because without testosterone, there are also reduced levels of nitric oxide. This familiar-sounding compound is not the laughing gas you get at the dentist; instead, it’s a chemical blend that opens the penile floodgates to blood. Without it, erections can’t occur, or occur haphazardly. As you may or may not know, in a very interesting mechanism, blood is usually kept from the penis, rather than inside of it. There are strong muscular flaps at work, preventing the penis from filling with blood. These muscles require relaxation in the form of nitric oxide to open the artery, allowing penile engorgement. No NO, no erection.
Smoker’s Cramps
As long as marijuana continues to be ingested through smoke, there are also sideline issues having to do with the constrictive effects of smoke inhalation on blood vessels in the body. When blood vessels are cramped, there’s even less chance of a proper boner. Even if the penis were healthy and ready for blood, the crimped arteries and capillaries would result in a soft, quasi-erection, rather than a raging hard-on.
A Bedroom Booster
So, ladies, if you’re tired of tepid trysts, I recommend dosing your man with something known as Milk Thistle. This herb purifies the body of toxins, of which the body will see THC as one. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxification with Milk Thistle) Once you’re high, there’s no need for that THC to be floating around in the body—creating brain issues, and ruining drug screenings. Milk Thistle boosts liver functioning and encourages the body to cleanse itself of unwanted intruders.
It’s been used traditionally to assist bodies struggling with other addictions and illnesses, working to increase filtration of all the body’s fluids. The faster your body can rid itself of toxins, the better it functions. We’re not meant to be holding tanks of all sorts of dangerous and unnecessary chemicals. Get them out!
You deserve a good, old-fashioned, heart-pounding sexual encounter—one with the full erection we all want. Don’t continue settling for these halfway hard-ons. Go for the real thing. You’ll be amazed what just one herb can do for your sexual enjoyment.
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