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Keep Your Mess to Yourself: Anal Sex is a Dirty Act If Performed in Haste
If the words anal sex makes you uncomfortable, here’s the likely reason: you don’t want to spread feces to the bedding, your body parts or your lover’s body parts. This situation puts some couples in a seemingly impossible conundrum. Anal sex has a reputation for yielding great pleasure, but the mess involved scares – and disgusts – many out of trying it.
A Most Embarrassing Tale
Gina, 26, found herself in nearly this same situation. But she had tried anal sex rather than avoid it and found she loved the sensation. After a rapid and delicious climax, she heard her lover start to complain of poop on his penis. Gina’s pleasure took a nosedive, and she vowed to never again try this suggestive position.
“I was mortified,” she remembers. “There I was, basking in the afterglow of the best sex I had ever had. All of a sudden, my boyfriend started complaining. ‘You pooped on me,’ he said. I couldn’t convince him I hadn’t actually pooped. He continued to complain, and I finally locked myself in the bathroom, crying in anger and embarrassment.”
Gina and her boyfriend eventually came to terms with their sexual mishap. Because that was their first experience with anal sex, they were admittedly not prepared. “The only thing we did right that night was use lubrication,” Gina explains. “We omitted several preparation steps that would have saved a lot of humiliation.”
The Source of Feces
It’s true, anal sex is risky business. The explanation is fairly straight-forward: the anal cavity rarely gets washed. A person taking a routine shower washes the bum and bum crack without reaching up inside the cavity. But feces travels through this cavity with every bowel movement. The end result? Poop remnants and bacteria remain tucked in there.
Anal sex, unfortunately, provides the perfect opportunity for those remnants to leave the body. This means a penis is in danger of being soiled. As Gina discovered, it’s not enough to simply decide you want to engage in anal sex. The act first requires some preparation.
“We talked about anal sex a number of times before trying it,” Gina recalls. “We both knew it was something we wanted in our sex life – we love to experiment. But we were fairly ignorant in terms of what to expect. I was worried about pain, and he in turn was worried about hurting me. We also should’ve given attention to having a clean experience.”
What You Need to Know
Gina raises a point about anal sex posing the potential for pain. The anus is surrounded by delicate tissues that can be easily torn during penetration. Lube, and lots of it, helps provide for a smooth, silky experience. You also need to freely communicate with your lover during the act. If something feels good or sparks pain, say so.
Just as pain caused by anal sex can be avoided, so too can the poopy mess. The solution is an anal douche, which reaches into the anal cavity and flushes out feces. Proper application of this douche is essential to prevent skin damage. (TRY: Anal Douching for Anal Hygiene) For example, you need to use lukewarm water rather than scalding, and lubrication helps insert the douche without harming the anal cavity.
What else? Relax. Anal sex does require preparation, just as Gina suggested. But knowing what you’re getting into will give you a highly sensual experience. “We discovered the benefits of anal douching after our first blunder,” Gina says. “It’s become a routine part of our lovemaking, and anal sex is no longer something we fear. Instead, we look forward to it with relish.”
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