Smoking Damps The Fire Down Below: Smoking Induced Weak Erections

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A veteran masturbator and consumer of both cigarettes and marijuana finds that his big cigar has gotten limp. What’s happening? Is it just from growing older, or can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I have been masturbating since the age of fourteen. Soon after, I started smoking marijuana and cigarettes. When I smoke, there is an uncomfortable feeling on the left side of my scrotum. I cannot even hold an ejaculation. What’s wrong with me?


It's an almost universal image: a person sitting in bed with a cigarette has almost certainly just had sex. The practice probably arose when someone felt the need to maintain the 'post-coital glow' of good feelings after a particularly vigorous lovemaking session. Medically, it increases dopamine levels and triggers (or maintains) adrenalin release; traditionally, many Native American tribes used it to seal bargains as well as believing that the exhaled smoke carried their thoughts and prayers to heaven. Similarly, marijuana provokes an even wider array of good feelings, so those who have access to it are likely to smoke it after sex as well.
Unfortunately, tobacco and marijuana both have very strong side effects that can weaken or ruin your sex life. Let's take a closer look at those side effects to understand how they can cause pain in your scrotum, and then how to fix the problem.

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Lighting Up Leads To Burnout?
Part of how both marijuana and tobacco work is by stimulating production of a hormone called prostaglandin e-2. It's supposed to keep your blood vessels as wide as possible, which helps inflate your erection as well as getting more oxygenated blood into and through your brain. Another part of the high involves screwing around with acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps control many of the most important neural networks in your body. It's part of how your muscles contract; decreased levels of it can temporarily lower muscle tension. It may also regulate your memories and level your moods, since scientific studies have found a correlation between a disrupted acetylcholine-production system and Alzheimer's disease and depression.
Snapping One Off Leads To Snuffing Yourself?
Sexual stimulation also produces prostaglandin e-2, as already stated above. Too much prostaglandin e-2 over too long a period of time will cause tissue inflammation all over your body, such as in your brain (leading to headaches) and in your scrotum. The pain in your scrotum can be the result of twists in the sperm cord, which might have been caused by this inflammation. Likewise, your weakened erections stem from the difficulty in getting enough blood into your penis in the first place because the inflamed tissue around the blood vessels wind up constricting them.
Stoking Your Health, Dousing The Smoke
You'll need to reduce your masturbatory habits as much as possible. Your goal is no ejaculations for three solid weeks, but healing can begin if you can go at least four days between each ejaculation. You'll also need to give up smoking, at least during that time and preferably for the rest of your life.
Your body needs several nutrients to repair tissue, but zinc and B-vitamins are at the top of the list. Properly-prepared oyster, crab and lobster offer high amounts of both. Lean meats, toasted wheat germ and pumpkin seeds can provide plenty of zinc, while leafy green vegetables, dairy products and eggs will cover most of your B-vitamin needs. Do your own research to find foods that suit your needs, and who knows, maybe you'll find learning to cook them to be an alternate way to relax.
Consider starting a moderate exercise regimen to boost your testosterone production, which is also important for tissue-regeneration. Exercise also boosts your stamina and self-confidence, which may it easier for you to give up smoking and reduce your need to masturbate.
You might also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to assist your body get rid of the remaining poisons and let your erection recover from chronic marijuana abuse. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxification Erection Formula). It works by reducing prostaglandin e-2 production, enhancing your liver's performance and restore your acetylcholine levels. Getting your acetylcholine system back in shape will help restore your musculature and get your thoughts and moods back in order.
Please keep your health-care provider informed of your symptoms and what steps you're taking to address them. An informed expert's opinion can shave weeks off of your recovery time if you follow the advice.
Be patient and follow the directions, and just start over if you make a mistake. Good luck!

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