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Water-Based Lubrication: A Starter Guide for Improved Intimacy
In the early 1900s, the first modern condom was created. Like most modern creations, the early condom sucked. It was thick, cumbersome to put on, and came with a foul, grotesque smell.

It also came from the inside of a cow or pig, the intestine to be exact.

Today, modern condoms are made of latex or polyurethane—a step up from cow intestines. Still, condoms need lubrication. Without it, the laws of friction make sex less than pleasing. But just as with condoms, lubricants come in several varieties, from traditional petroleum jelly to water-based lubricants. Each serves its purpose and each has its ideal uses.

Basic Water-Based Lubes
Most lubes on the market use water-based solutions to provide both stimulation and lubrication. Why water-based? Well for one, water is easy to remove from sheets and fabrics—the objects normally used during sex. Two, water-based solutions can be used with latex condoms; petroleum-based products cause condoms to break. And three, water-based lubes provide the perfect alternative to body’s personal lubricant: spit.

Water-based lubricants too is safe to use during sex. If injested, these lubes will likely not cause any harm. Most basic water-based lubes work best for vaginal sex. Try anal sex with basic water-based lubes, and you’ll be asking for trouble. Water-based lubes too make for the ideal stimulant that can add a warming sensation in the areas that matter most.
Most water-based lubricants are not designed for anal sex. You've been warned.
Body Lubricants
Most massage lubricants can dual as personal lubricants for the vaginal sex as well, and since most come in thick and thin consistency levels, they make for the ideal, all-around product. Body lubricants come in scented and non-scented flavors. Men and women who enjoy a bit of intimacy in the shower may find body lubricants more appeasing than traditional lubes. Most regular lubes, when used in the shower, wear off quickly. Thicker consistency levels of body lubes make for the best shower lubricants.

Scented Lubricants
Sometimes traditional scented lubes lack the luster and smell of flavored lubricants. From strawberry to peach, manufactures have created every type of lubricant flavor to increase your intimacy. Some people like the smell of grapes with their sex. If non-scented lubricants seem too plain, scentend lubricants may add that extra spice to your intimacy. 

Anal Lubes
Anal sex continues to gain a following. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubrication. The anus is dry as a desert. Those interested in anal sex will need lube—lots and lots of it to minimize pain. Special water-based lubricants with thick consistency levels and numbing properties help minimize the pain. Individuals attempting to try anal sex without the lube are in for some pain.

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