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Lately, she has been experiencing a sharp pain on the right side of her pelvis at the point of orgasm. She uses a vibrator for stimulation, but has never before had such a side effect. She was accustomed to use her vibrator every day; now she only uses it three times per week. What is happening to cause this pain?

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After using a vibrator I have recently been experiencing some of side effects. I have a very sharp pain on the right side of my pelvis every single time I am about to reach an orgasm. I am using a vibrator when this feeling occurs; I have been using it for quite some time now, but I never felt pain when I had an orgasm. I have stopped using it on a daily basis, but I still use it at least 3 times a week. Can you tell me about this and what can possibly be wrong?


It sounds as though you’ve developed an ovarian cyst. You can develop cysts at any point during your life, but it’s more common in women of reproductive age. Most cysts are benign, and don’t cause problems, but it’s important to know for sure whether you have one of not. A doctor can perform an ultrasound or a laparoscopy to determine definitively whether or not you have a cyst, or some other problem.
What Is a Cyst?
Cysts don’t tend to have a very large influence on lifestyle, their action being limited to causing pain during orgasm and occasionally during sex, depending on placement. There also isn’t anything much to do about a cyst, other than control any pain with drugs such as aspirin—which I’ll go into a little later—and keep detoxification and circulation in the body at a high level. You can also elect to undergo surgery to remove the cyst, but many women choose not to pursue this route. Many cysts appear and disappear on their own.
Cysts are small sacs, similar to a blister, formed on a membrane surface, but with a distinct barrier encasing it. Most ovarian cysts are known as follicular—they are created from the remainder of the follicle in which the egg is created and matured. Either the follicle does not go away with the departure of the egg, or the egg is not released, resulting in a cyst, as it swells with fluid.
Why Do They Hurt?
Certainly, using a vibrator would increase the potential for you to irritate your cyst, due to the body’s reaction to the vibrating motion, and due to the nature of the vibrator’s resonance. Not only that, but because of the cramping action of the entire reproductive area, your cyst would naturally feel tender at the point of orgasm. What you can do to avert this is to take anti-inflammatory drugs a little bit before you intend to play.
How to Help
Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen prevent the formation of the prostaglandins that cause the painful sensation you’re feeling. Prostaglandin E2 is the hormone created at the site of pain by two separate chemicals. Anti-inflammatory drugs block the attachment site for one of the two chemicals, and prevent you from feeling the pain, swelling, and inflammation that comes from these prostaglandins. This will allow you to experience orgasm without pain, but you cannot rely on these for a long-term solution.
You should consider beginning an herbal formula that’s designed to detoxify and strengthen your reproductive system. (TRY: Natural Formula to Intensify and Detoxify Orgasms) By purifying your body of prostaglandins, you will be able to experience orgasm without the painful twinge or cramp you experience now. It’s important to keep circulation strong, to prevent the buildup of any negative hormones and to keep the reproductive area cleaned out and functioning properly.
I hope this answers your questions. It is important at this stage to see a doctor, to ascertain whether or not you truly have a cyst, and to rule out any more dangerous conditions. I wish you the best!

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