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Penis Enlargement Patch Guide
During the Renaissance era, men would wear codpieces, crude pieces of armor that encased a penis. Think of these devices as Robocop’s metallic jockstrap, except everyday Joes wore‘em to enlarge their penises and hopefully impress the gals at the local pup. What resulted was a fad that fell into that category as slightly crazy, slightly idiotic, slightly expensive. For a device that achieved zero results and caused pain, it sold well.
If codpieces had a catchphrase, it would have been “tighter is better,” because well, the more pressure males applied to their penises, the more the device “worked.” Again, this was not entirely the smartest or most innovative piece of technology to emerge from the Renaissance era. Today, the methods for enlargement don’t cause much pain nor do they require men to wear silly straps of armor around their penises. No, men today can find several options, from pumps and pills to herbs and now patches. Yup, as in a patch for your penis.
The patch doesn’t go anywhere near your penis—it goes on your arm. And while the patches seem relatively new for enlargement, men are starting to take notice of the emerging trend in the enlargement community.
Herbal Patches: A Quick Glance
In the late ‘80s, scientists and doctors found a means to inject small traces of nicotine through the skin follicles via a patch. By providing a human with small traces of nicotine, an individual could be weaned off tobacco. Each patch contained small doses of nicotine, and as individuals progressed through the system, lower-dosage patches were administered. What followed was the birth of an industry, and subsequently, the inspiration of another.
Herbal patches replicate the technology used in nicotine patches, except instead of nicotine, a patch includes an herbal supplement. Each patch is laced with essential erectile-enhancing tissue to build a new erectile size for men. The process seems outlandish, even unfathomable, but because the patch uses the skin follicles to transport nutrients into the blood, the necessary ingredients can transfer to their respective locations inside the body.
Effectiveness of Patches
Patches, unlike pills, do not pass through the digestive system. Instead, each patch laced with nutrients passes directly into the blood stream, bypassing a stomach. By going directly toward the bloodstream, nutrients get delivered faster and in higher dosages than if they went through the stomach then toward the blood. The loss of the middleman can generate better results for some men, but not all men will experience the same outcome. Some males may notice results faster. Men may need to buy multiple patches too for prolonged months or weeks required to see results.
Despite the heavy requirement of patches, the nutrients laced on each patch works as well as supplements and stretches. Men exhausted by their current size and tired of taking pills should consider the new options presented to them. With time, patience and constant use, men can rid themselves of a stigma associated with a small penis.  

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