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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Crouching Grouch, Hidden Reason –Overmasturbation and Dealing with Stress

Let’s check out this interesting case study involving someone’s co-worker that is darn near having a nervous breakdown because of work-related stress and anxiety. Let’s look at both cause and the solutions to these problems, and if you know someone going through this, maybe you can help them as well.

Case #: 


A coworker of mine has been experiencing a bad migraine headache which has been due to a lot of stress the past few days. It killed the mood for any sexual activity and morning erection. Is this due to a stress hormone and an imbalance in the brain that has been produced due to the stress and lack of sleep?


There’s a deadline coming up and you’ve got to get that assignment in as soon as possible! Or, you were late to work and your boss yells at you in front of everyone; then he or she scowls at you for the rest of the day, making you feel as though you’re in some sort of concentration camp. How about this one; we’ve all experienced some sort of conflict with a co-worker right? And that person makes every single day of coming to the J-O-B miserable. All of this equals mounting levels of stress which can has you clenching your steering wheels with white knuckled hands on the drive to and especially from work.
Pressure Cooker
After a hard day you need to chill and unwind and one way to do that is through having a good orgasm. Yes, in measured cyclic frequency of 3 to 4 times a week, masturbation can be healthy. It’s only when one develops a dependency on it that it can develop into an addiction just as tobacco, caffeine, and other drugs can. 
Well did you know that stress and anxiety are two of the major causes of unwanted sexual side-effects including sleeping problems, migraines, and deviations in your mood? It can also lead to issues with getting a properly firm erection, as worries about work can overlap and spill into your subconscious mind, resulting in performance anxiety. 
Being stressed over long periods of time can switch a person’s body over into a continuous over-stressed state, causing their adrenal glands to release too many stress hormones. This can result in severe mode swings as well as disruptions in normal sexual functions, and when a person is constantly masturbating without taking enough breaks in-between, their system can become exhausted (depletion of hormones and neurotransmitters) which further compounds these issues. Your co-worker needs some help!
So how do we remedy these dilemmas?
Break Out the Good News!
First of all, tell your co-worker that this is a pretty common set of issues that are treatable, so not to panic. Worrying about these issues will only cause his already unbalanced hormonal levels to deteriorate further. Advise your him to take some time off of all sexual activity (yes that includes masturbation) until these symptoms are taken care of.
On the upside you can tell them that taking a natural herbal formula can help to accelerate his recovery. (SEE: Herbal Mood Stabilizer) They will not only help to stabilize his hormonal levels resulting in stabilizing those mood swings, but also boost the supply of nutrients in the brain and rejuvenate crucial neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, serotonin, GABA). As a result, your co-worker’s splitting headaches will become a thing of the past and fuller, more restful sleep can be expected. Replenishing the body of vital resources will also jump-start it out of its sexually exhausted state and film erections will be back to greet him in the morning.
Instead of more stress at work it’ll be nice for you to break some good news to him for a change! After all; that’s what friends are for.

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