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Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Over Masturbation

You masturbate. Your neighbor masturbates. And maybe even your local spiritual leader masturbates. Masturbation is fun. It’s relaxing. True, it’s entertaining! But what can be fun and pleasurable also can be, well, dangerous. Excessive masturbation can lead to hair loss. It can cause fatigue. It can even cause a man’s worst nightmare: penis shrinkage.

Penis Shrinkage and Chronic Masturbation

According to the Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, penile shrinkage occurs because of two main causes:

1. By the buildup of plaque, known as fat, that prevents the flow of blood
2. By the buildup of inelastic scar tissue that prevents arteries from increasing in size inside the fibrous sheath of the erectile chambers.

So how does penis shrinkage occur because of over masturbation? Excessive and abusive masturbation damages the various subcutaneous tissues of penis, causing both a buildup of plaque and an increase in scar tissue, two issues seen in a similar condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

And because the sexually exhausted body experiences an inhibited liver production and a depletion of HGH, an essential growth hormone for penile tissues, a male will experience penis shrinkage.

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Want to Recover Your Penis Size? Find Out How Asking These Questions Can Affect Your Results?

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  • Do you suffer from any health complications?
Determine Your Severity Level To Find an Appropriate Solution

Your body needs to see an elevation in growth hormones and neurotransmitters to keep penile tissues healthy. Dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine all must remain present to keep tissue cells from shrinking. Men who masturbate in excess may see a reduction in these chemicals, an increase in plaque buildup and a proliferation in scar tissue.

Determining the severity levels of shrinkage can help you locate an appropriate solution.

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