An Irregular Menstrual Cycle – The Cause of Female Infertility

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All women dream about becoming a mother one day. As women age, they fear combating issues of infertility. And some unfortunate few must hear their doctors provide them with heart-wrenching news—being infertile. While unfortunate, infertility remains a common issue, one that leads to shock, confusion and depression. 
A woman’s menstrual cycle affects her ability to get pregnant. Think of it this way—each month a woman can determine the days she will be most fertile. If her body has a 28-day cycle, on days 10,11, 12 and 13 she will ovulate. If a woman’s body operates on an irregular cycle, she will be unable to determine the best days to have sex in order to get pregnant. 
Cause of Irregularity 
Irregular cycles can occur because of birth control pills. The pills contain chemicals, such as estrogen and progestin, that alter hormone levels essential to the proper start and end of a cycle. Because of altered hormone levels, a cycle can start at different times, while the  amount of blood can vary. 
Stress—Another Problem for Irregularity 
While both birth control and stress can lead to irregular cycles,  eliminating stress can be easy. By reducing stress in the body, the body can have an easier time developing a baby. And because studies show that stress during pregnancy can lead to developmental issues, it helps to minimize the issue anyway possible. 
While it is impossible to eliminate stress completely, there are many ways to significantly reduce stress. First identify the stressors in life. When stressors are identified, they can be slowly removed. Eliminating unnecessary commitments is another way to reduce stress.  When people have too much going on, they can’t focus and that leads to stress. Other things to consider is to stop procrastinating and get re-organized.  
Taking the time to simplify life works wonders, but it may not be the only solution needed to tackle the issue at hand. If after reducing stressors and eliminating the use of birth control still lead to irregular cycles, try natural solutions that can balance the hormonal levels for a healthy, regular cycle.

What to do

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