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Bottoms Up: How to Keep Your Nether Regions Cleared for Entry

He likes anal sex, but fears the “dirty” aspect of it: smell, or something worse. He wonders if there is anything he can do to remove the possibility of an unwanted presence. How can you ensure that anal sex will be worry free?

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I am a gay man and I like to have anal sex for the most part. I am almost always the piece of the puzzle that gets fitted but this rarely happens because of one of my fears. I really need to overcome my fear of something happening when we are halfway through it, a sort of smell or even worse possibly. This has never happened to me but I can't help thinking about it; I would be mortified if it did happen. Is there any sort of ritual or something I can do to prevent this from happening? I really enjoy sex and want to get rid of this fear.


I’m sorry sex has been so stressful for you. I’m not as familiar with anal sex as it pertains to the gay community as I am with anal sex between hetero couples, but I imagine it’s still true that for the most part, no one is worried about a little messiness. I imagine the desire for a clean rectum and colon is similar to some males’ preference for a waxed pudendum—not natural, but aesthetically pleasing and hassle-free.

Flush Your Pipes

However, worry no longer! It’s quite simple to remove any trace of fecal matter, leaving you fully able to enjoy sexual intercourse. This is done through a process known as an enema. Enemas have existed for an incredibly long time, and have been used in every instance from medical treatment to childcare.

Rinse Down

Enemas consist in the colon being filled with some type of liquid—although plain warm water is best—retained for some time, and then expelled, carrying with it contents of the colon and rectum. It’s essentially a shower for your lower intestine.

How it Works

This process is executed through the use of a douche bag. This is a rubber bag, fitted with a hose, a clamp, and a small pipette. The bag is filled with liquid and then clamped, while the pipette is lubed and gently inserted into the anus. The clamp is then released, and the bag hung, that the action of gravity might allow water to gently flow into the colon.

What to Try?

Care should be taken to always use warm water. Cold water can cause cramping and extreme pain. There are a variety of types of enemas you can try, but for the first time it is best to use either plain water, or water with a little salt, which will draw water into the intestine and cause an easier evacuation. (SEE: Anal Douche and Enema Selections) Other types of enemas include Epsom salt, yoghurt, and even coffee. Be sure to research the effects of each one before you try—enemas can be tricky.

Stay away from any enema containing irritants such as soap or synthetic fragrances. These will stress the walls of your intestines, resulting in itchiness, pain, and inflammation, and can lead to constipation or diarrhea—the last things you want!

I hope this ritual will help you find happiness with your sexual activities. Worry no longer, but feel clean from the inside out!

What to do

Beginner's Guide To Anal Douche and Enema

The history of enemas remains disputed, but according to historians, the devices gained popularity from the response to emerging populations of homosexual males.

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