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ion Equals Exhilaration

I may have over masturbated early in life I have weak erections and can only obtain one by toying with my penis. Low sex drive and sensitivity…

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I am 24 years old. I feel weak, fatigued, and depressed. I think I may have over-masturbated early in life. I have weak erections now and can only obtain them by toying with my penis while watching porn. I have a low sex drive and there’s low sensitivity in my penis. I suffer from premature ejaculation, and I have nowhere else to turn.


You need to learn Harmonic Qi Gong to help you get rid of the masturbation habit, clarify your mind, and take herbs to fix your premature ejaculation problem.

Harmonic Qi Gong involves deep belly inhalations to exert pressure against the bladder until you can feel your prostate relax and expand, at the same contracting the tailbone muscle by squeezing your butt to channel your sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain via your spinal cord and Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network.

Your sexual urges will settle down once the sexual energy is channeled away through Harmonic Qi Gong. It will reset your mind to give you an energized and refreshing feeling. Gradually, you will reduce masturbation frequency.

Harmonic Qi Gong works even better when combined with many potent herbs, and it provides faster results. Herbs from the Herbal Pills For Sperm Preservation & Premature Ejaculation can rejuvenate your parasympathetic nerves and help channel the sexual bioenergy to balloon your penis. At the same time, herbs can power your brain and endocrine function to produce a burst of your testosterone and 5-alpha reductase to enhance your erection so that you can block the nervous transmission between the glans and the prostate. Ask our experts about Harmonic Qi Gong to teach you how to optimize the transmission of sexual stimulation from your glans to your prostate, so you can enlarge your penis and control your ejaculation at the same time.

A few weeks after your recovery, try Harmonic Qi Gong during intercourse. You’ll notice how it will help you to channel your girlfriend’s sexual energy to enhance your erection. However, avoid over-indulgence. Many young adults have learned this technique and inadvertently burned themselves out by doing this every day, sometimes multiple times! Just like getting your first driver license, you’ll be eager to drive around. But for greater satisfaction and more profoundly rewarding results, use discipline.

You should limit your ejaculation frequency. This way, you’ll feel energetic after lovemaking. The penis must be able to maintain 70-80% of its erection for another 3-5 minutes after ejaculating, while the penis still stays inside her vagina. Done properly, your can actually strengthen your body for the rest of your sex life.

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