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Double-Whammy: Vibrator Use Can Damage Genital Nerves and Cause Irregular Periods

Her periods are irregular, arriving either early or late and causing a lot of bleeding. She’s previously masturbated with an electric massager and now wonders about the damage caused to her body. Is it possible for masturbation’s effects to be so profound?

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Hello again. I thank you for all the advice you have provided. I have used an electric massager to masturbate and have noticed that during my menstruation cycle, I get it either early or late, and it is extra heavy. Is it possible I could have harmed my vagina? Could using the massager have affected me?


Masturbation feels good and provides comfort. Even babies engage, and contrary to popular belief, this does not foreshadow sexual indecency in adulthood. Just the opposite, masturbation is normal and healthy. But it, like nearly everything else, makes an impact on the body. Its frequency should therefore be restrained – at least a little.

Why Periods Fluctuate

Some women can count on their periods to arrive like clockwork, even down to the time bleeding will begin. Others are not so lucky. Their periods bounce and come on different days and at different times without regularity.

The explanations for these variances are more mundane than you might expect. Many factors influence menstruation, including stress and diet. The former is a huge culprit because it interferes with endocrine functions. This means hormonal secretions become irregular, and too much or too little estrogen can cause periods to be early or late.

Diet can also affect hormone levels. Foods like soy and flaxseed contain phytoestrogens treated loosely by the body as estrogen. This can upset the hormone’s delicate balance and unsettle the menstrual cycle. Other factors that interfere with estrogen levels include birth control pills, your weight and sleep patterns. Periods also change with age, meaning your cycle will not currently be what it was 10 years ago. You should therefore expect some degree of variance as you grow older.

Masturbation, Sex and Your Hormones

Sex is another unexpected factor that can change hormonal patterns. This is considered a benefit because regular orgasms boost estrogen levels. In turn, estrogen offers protection against heart disease. But this hormone also helps regulate the menstrual cycle - an increase can again prompt periods to arrive earlier or later than normal.

Your period is an effect of not being pregnant. Each month, estrogen and progesterone levels swing to prepare the body to nourish a fertilized embryo. This preparation is so intense that hormones actually fluctuate weekly – they rise before ovulation and then drop before the body sheds its uterine lining.

If you’re engaging in regular masturbation, it’s possible you’re inadvertently flooding your body with estrogen. This explains why your periods sometimes arrives late. Early periods, on the other hand, reflect your body’s attempt to establish a regular menstrual cycle.

Another Effect of Vibrator Use

Equally critical to your health and well-being is another effect of vibrator use: the damage it causes to your clitoris and vagina. This fact is well debated in many media outlets, but the clitoris is a fragile organ able to take only so much titillation. Repeatedly pushing a vibrator against it, where thousands of nerve endings are condensed into one tiny space, can desensitize the clit until orgasm is impossible.

Upon learning they can no longer orgasm, many women try to engage in longer and more intense bouts of masturbation. They turn up the vibrator or massager’s speed and press it against their genitals because although their bodies aren’t properly functioning, they still want to orgasm. But this only causes more harm to nerves that are already frayed and damaged.

An Herbal Remedy for Your Troubles

We’ve already explained that masturbation is healthy, so you don’t need to stop altogether. Merely reducing the number of times you engage and alternating vibrator use with your hands will allow your body to heal. You should also take an herbal remedy that can revive damaged nerves and help you orgasm from just a light tough, meaning you won’t need to overindulge to feel good. (TRY: Herbal Clitoral Passion Increase & Sensitivity Enhancement Formula) We’re speaking specifically about a revitalization formula with ingredients to target and repair your genitals.

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