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Herbal Back Pain Relief

Your lower back is causing you pain. Walking, standing and exercising are tough. As a young individual, you feel

betrayed by your body. You blame your pain on a rough exercise regiment, arduous work, or even on poor stretching habits. Most young adults fail to blame their incessant sexual habits that can leave their backs in dilapidated states.

Porn, masturbation and even sex can inflame your back nerves. Sure, sex is fun. Heck, sex is amazing. Masturbation can alleviate stress. Sex can elevate your mood. Porn can even expose you to new fantasies and sex moves. But too much sex can harm your body. 

Surprising Cause For Your Back Pains

Men who were sexually active before puberty, or have excessively masturbated for years, experience exhausted adrenal glands. Located on top of the kidney, the adrenal glands can suffer from what’s known as Adrenal Fatigue or Suprarenal Exhaustion, which can create soreness in the lower back after an ejaculation. If left untreated, additional discomfort such as testicular pain or painful ejaculation can occur.

Formulated To Fix Sexual Exhaustion With Back Pain Based On These Healing Herbs:
Lower Back Pain Is An Early Sign of Severe Sexhaustion

Adrenal glands release hormones in response to stress through the synthesis of corticosteroids, cortisol, catecholamines and epinephrine. When an exhausted man ejaculates, a free-fall drop of DHEA, testosterone and DHT cause the adrenal glands to release stress hormones.

Benefits of Bioenergy Herbs

Bioenergy-flow herbs promote Qi inside the body to eliminate pain. Back pain, a sign of a sexually exhausted body, can be eliminated by taking herbs that help improve the flow of bioenergy flow. Synergized benefits of bioenergy herbs include:

  • Paeonia Suffruticosa – provides healing molecules to help with mental exhaustion recovery 
  • Astragalus Membranaceus –increases innate immune system and stimulates the natural rejuvenation process.
  • Panax Ginseng – aids in the bioenergy flow of the body
  • Bupleurum – proliferates liver bioenergy for better detoxification
  • Opiopogon – contains anti-inflammatory herbs that help reduce harmful inflammatory responses
  • Atractylodes Macrocephala - promotes cellular immunity and enhances the serum IgG
  • Milk Thristle- stimulates the liver to eliminate toxin buildup in the body
  • Guarana seed – improves energy
  • Maca – restores sexual energy by increasing testosterone
  • Schisandra – dissolves stagnation that impedes the self-healing process

Lower back discomfort, fatigue, low sex drive and poor erection quality are indicators of stagnation. These signs also indicate that your body is progressing into a more severe stage of sexual exhaustion. Stagnation of bioenergy often is the main cause for lowering the immunity and hormonal balance. Invest in your health by taking action now.

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