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The Effect Stress and Anxiety Have on The Female Brain During Sex

Men are from Mars; women, from Venus. Men like to watch sports and drink beer; they like to burp aloud and turn their asses into personal trumpet players; they like to get dirty and play rough. Women like to sing and dance; they like to relax at the spa and paint their nails; and they too like to be cared and nurtured. The difference in views and behaviors between a man and woman carries into every topic of conversation, from sex to politics.

Some men enjoy their sex rough and quick; women, gentle and enduring. A man will fantasize about sleeping with multiple girls, from the his co-workers and neighbors to his sister’s friends and classmates, if a girl is attractive, chances are a man is dreaming about how she looks with no clothes on. Women fantasize about men too—but about being loved and cared for by a man—not about banging his neighbors or co-workers.

Men view sex in a much different perspective than women do. Even the method in which a woman’s brain operates during sex differs than that of a man. Even menial alterations in a woman's brain chemistry due to stress and anxiety can ruin and affect a female's sexual livelihood. 

Sexology 101

Think of sex as one giant chemical reaction of neurochemicals and hormones working in unison to provide stimulation and pleasure. The mind releases hormones to power an erection and lubricate the vagina. The body’s neurotransmitters communicate between the brain and organs to prepare and sustain sexual inhibitions, while the mind releases stimulants to keep the body pleased.
Stress too is a chemical byproduct released by the brain, as is anxiety. Imbalances in hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters can create an uneven sort of chemicals that interfere with the mind’s proper release of sex chemicals. For women, any interference in chemicals can leave her in a languid, I-don’t-want-to-have-sex-so-do-not-even-poke-me-in-the-side-with-your-penis-while-we-are-in-bed type of mood.

Theses imbalances are like a computer system with no RAM memory. With little RAM, the computer cannot retrieve information at a fast and efficient pace. Instead, the computer is stymied and has to retrieve information from the hard drive. Now how the hell does that relate to sex? The proper hormone and neurochemical balances are like a computer’s RAM memory—it helps the body efficiently prepare for sex. Now think of stress as buffer that impedes RAM from retrieving those hormones and neurochemicals. The result causes women to become sexual unavailable.

According to…

Scientists have conducts several studies on the human brain, from the effects of drugs to sexual stimulation. In a recent study using Positron Emission Tomography (a really fancy machine that provides 3-D images of the body), scientist witnessed that the parts of the female brain--those responsible for processing anxiety, fear and emotion--deactivate sexual activity. Men looking to get lucky with a very frightened or anxiety-ridden lady will have little chance of getting a happy ending.

So….About Having Sex Tonight?

No sex can be frustrating for both men and women. Fearful or anxious women tend to avoid sex. The key for women is to reduce the anxiety and fear. How? Well, most can find methods to alleviate the stress. Hitting the gym, practicing yoga, punching someone in the face, swimming and reading all provide great stress-reliving activities. Try Sensual Aromatherapy to reduce your nervousness with calming botanical essential oils. Also, the body can benefit from powerful nutrients and many natural ways to ignite your desire again. Stress-alleviating herbs that may prove helpful include Ashwagandha, know to alleviate stress and power your libido, and Sacha inchi, a plant revered for improving serotonin production to improve mood.

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