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Low Sex Drive - Caused by Fear of Intimacy

Sex comes very easily, when a deep and passionate emotional connection exists between the couple. But when that connection is broken or missing or physical intimacy crippled (erectile dysfunction, physical appearance distortion, etc), sexual relationship will become intimidating.

Researches have shown that having satisfactory sexual relationship would lower risk for depression, heart problems, and longer life span. A good relationship always started with a good turn-on to get it going. Learning

how to light the fire and over the come the fear of intimacy. Below are ways to help you ignite the passion and keep it burning at record high with these sensual triggers.

Find out the Sensual Spots

Everyone has different sensual spots that are good triggers for great sexual relationship. Apply gentle touching like smoothing her collarbone, flick her earlobe with your tongue, stick his toe in your navel can be a good starter for foreplay.

Sensual Massages

Have your partner performed sensual massage at a safe, non-threatening environment to make you feel more relax and comfortable with your body. Strain relationship can be amended during these personal times and heighten your sexual awareness.

Yoga Love

Many yoga poses can help soothe the mind and body when hormonal fluctuations contribute to your diminishing sex drive. Many poses that involved in bending forward and twisting that would stimulate the glands and help to regulate hormones in your body.

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