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Herbal Treatment For Chronic & Adrenal Fatigue

Your brain feels restless. All day you’ve had the strong desire to sleep. The constant drooping of your eyelids are

screaming for respite. When you try to sleep, your brain suddenly awakens. Most people attribute restlessness to stress. Sure, improper sleep cycles can attribute to the problem but so can excessive masturbation.

Tired of Being Tired?

People who suffer from chronic and adrenal fatigue wage a constant battle with their bodies. Yet fatigue is often caused by an overload of cortisol that occurs as a result of physical and mental exhaustion. Exhaustion can cause lower back soreness, mood swings, depression and stress that interferes with sleep. Little sleep can alter liver function, which removes cortisol from the body.

The Solution is Formulated to...
  • Stop you from falling asleep unintentionally
  • Enhance energy for sexual activity to enjoy longer foreplay and intercourse
  • Recover from fatigue during the problematic and severe sexual exhaustion stages
  • Expel excessive caffeine buildup from energy drinks and coffee
  • Restore the balance of HPA axis related to energy storage and utilization
  • Reduce stress hormones and lower back discomfort
  • Replenish essential nutrients for longer foreplay
Formulated To Recover From Chronic & Adrenal Fatigue Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Why This Formula Works

Too much cortisol build up is toxic to the body, but the body needs the chemical for healthy responses to stressful situations. Say your body had no cortisol present. Your blood pressure would skyrocket, energy levels would dip and even immune system responses would cease. Driving to work would become impossible because the blood sugar would be unable to control the small amount of stress driving causes. Because of the failed immune responses, a paper cut would feel like your finger were being chopped off. And even simple activities would be impossible to complete because of the lack of glucose present in the blood.

The herbal ingredients in this formula contain adaptogen herbs that help preserve short-term cortisol and suppress the dangerous effects of chronic cortisol elevations. Herbal adaptogens act as buffers to neutralize the byproducts and toxins caused by stress responses.

Snapshot of The Ingredients
  • Cornus (Cornus Officinalis) - Improves athletic stamina and the ability to withstand performance stress            
  • Pyrola (Pyrola Calliantha) - Increases peripheral blood circulation for a faster rejuvenation process
  • Mucuna Pruiens - Modulates stress hormones and reduces cortisol levels in the blood
  • Rehmannia (Rehmannia Glutinosa) - Proliferates liver and gallbladder functions to expel caffeine metabolites
  • Morinda - Contains compounds that inhibit enzymes from changing testosterone hormones into prostration growth                 
  • Cnidium - Increases erectile blood circulation                      
  • Damiana - Restores natural sexual capacities and functions
  • Dong Quai - Improves the functions of thyroid and adrenal glands
  • Lycium - Nourishes blood cell production with antioxidants          
  • Licorice (Glycyrrhizae Radix) - Synergize and harmonize herbal interactions to prevent side effects 
Science Behind The Herbal Interactions

Adaptogen herbs deliver small shocks of mild stress that condition the body’s physiology to respond to major forms of stress. The herbs work in a similar fashion to vaccines—which inoculate the body with a small, but harmless, amounts of a virus to help the body fend off a major attack.  [1]

Superior Results Meeting Your Expectation

Not all formulas with adaptogenic herbs are created equal. Purity and efficacy are important. Combined with adaptogenic herbs, this formula stimulates the body by restoring and increasing stamina and endurance.

Take the supplement for at least two months to eliminate chronic and adrenal fatigue caused by dopamine, serotonin, HGH depletion. The formula is beneficial for thyroid and testosterone imbalances too. Give yourself a chance for a robust renewal and enjoy lengthy intimacy again.

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