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Penis Envy: The Attraction to Large Penises and How to Get One Explained

I understand that a 7 inch penis is best, for female orgasm. Even though I know this, I still want a bigger penis...

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I have been doing your penile ballooning method and taking the herbal formula regularly for about a year. I went from five inches to seven inches. But, I am still a bit puzzled. As I have understood, a 7-inch penis is long enough to reach the female’s G-Spot. Even though it’s good enough, I still want a bigger penis. I have tried other methods but always came back to penile ballooning, which works best for me. I think it’s because my ex-girlfriend used to get excited when talking about large penises, which created anxiety for me that I can’t explain.
What other technique should I pursue next?


Great! Seven inches is long enough. You have already gained two inches! The maximum size should be about the length from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. In reality, women do not find a penis oversized in comparison to their vaginal length (which is typically between three to five inches) comfortable. What women want to see during sex is a powerful erection, a fully stretched hard rod pointing to a one o'clock position.

Case Study Highlights

Summary: He elongated his penis from 5" to 7" using ballooning & herbal formula in 1 yr. He wants more

Your Solution: Penile Girth Growth Technique

Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview

Men have the same visual response to the clitoris and the engorgement of the labia. It creates excited expectation for the sexual partner. When I see my wife's clitoris erect and her labia popping out, my penis becomes bigger. When she sees my penis expanding, her clitoris and G-spot grows! The visual stimulation excites the brain to produce more testosterone and Oxytocin (orgasm hormone) for lovemaking couples.
The ultimate joy is the orgasmic response that binds a loving couple together. Why? It’s because the orgasm hormone, Oxytocin, that binds the orgasmic couple together. Though size is not the primary factor, an orgasm may still be failed to produce if the penis is powerless like a huge Italian sausage.
Try Penile Girth Growth Technique along with herbal nutrients to increase your girth and help you sustain hard erection that can last through a long foreplay and intercourse.

What to do

Penile Girth Growth Technique

Stop dreaming of a larger penis. Start achieving a larger penis!

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