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My Orgasms Are Damaging My Clitoris

Learn about a woman whose orgasms are causing some intense pain.
Case #:958

Hello, I have a problem with my orgasms I can only have one. Then after that I can't have any more because my clitoris is too sensitive to touch and it's frustrating to me and my mate because he likes to go for a long time orally on me. Once I have that one orgasm I don't want to do anything orally and I really want to have more orgasms at times I don't want to have sex because he likes to please me orally a lot and I can't have a lot of orgasms can you help me please? Thanks.

I can really relate to your problem in particular, because I too used to suffer from an over sensitive clitoris. After one orgasm my clitoral nerves shot into over drive and it became impossible to feel anything but pain if it was touched or licked. I was actually surprised to find that a lot of men generate the same feeling after sex. Either their testicles or the penis will become excruciatingly sensitive, and they will need to cease all sexual activity, sometimes even before they've reached climax.
Vaginal Empathy

This type of reaction occurs in women when prostaglandin E-2 is released into the clitoral tissues. This can happen when a female has a high orgasm count. The prostaglandin is released to temporally calm the nervous inflammation caused by excessive orgasms.
Most of the time, when a woman orgasms, the tissues in the clitoris will rapidly expand and swell. Once climax is over, the tissues will then release prostaglandin E-1 to shrink back to size. If the tissues are unable to do so, the clitoral nerves will become ridged instead of flexible, and the blood vessels will not circulate properly. These Orgasm-induced expansions will cause excessive prostaglandin E-2 to release to bring down the nervous inflammation and over-sensitivity. This is very similar to what can happen to the penile glands.
It Comes Down To Estrogen

Besides a lot of great sex, there are many other causes for an over sensitive set of clitoral tissues. Some of those causes include, but are not limited to; hormonal imbalances, PMS, birth control use, menopause, natural aging, and child birth.
No matter how it originated, all of these causes have one thing in common, estrogen. If a woman's estrogen levels are tampered with in any way the body will most likely let her know somehow. Any activity that can greatly increase estrogen in our bodies may adversely affect the clitoris and G-spot. This happens because estrogen decreases nervous sensitivity and will reduce erectile tissues.
How To Fix It

Luckily, there are some great natural remedies out there that can help in your particular situation. Utilizing herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quia, and Mucuna Pruriens are great organic ways to stop that pesky inflammation. (SEE: Herbal Remedy for Revivial of Clitoral Sensitivity & Passion) They do this by reducing and regulating the amount of prostaglandin E-2 that is infused into the clitoral tissues. They will also repair any damaged nerve endings in the clitoris and increase blood flow circulation in the clitoris and vagina.

What to do

Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion

Most modern career-oriented adults sadly discover that as life gets busier, they (and many other couples) indulge in unsatisfying goal-oriented sex. A ‘quickie’ gets the job done. But all this ‘too much’ and ‘too fast’ can numb a woman’s most...

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