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Jelqing: The Benefits to an Unpopular Technique

We’ve extensively covered Jelqing techniques on our site. We’ve talked about the cons. Reviewed the side effects. And we’ve written and discussed every angle, possible danger and every alternative to Jelqing. But as with every story—there’s always two sides. Sure, we’re not here to backtrack or to defend Jelqing as the cure-all technique for enlargement; we’re here to give our audience some insight into the possible benefits this technique may provide men.

Jelqing Explained

If you’re not familiar with Jelqing, it’s a technique that requires men to “milk” their penises. As implied, men create an “O” with their fingers and perform milking motions to expand the tissue. According to some, Jelqing appears as a more aggressive form of masturbation, and while it technically is, the method does redirect blood from one portion of the penis to another in an attempt to expand the tissue of the organ.

Potential Dangers Reexamined

As we stated earlier, the dangers of Jelqing still exist. Despite its potential benefits, men can still harm themselves from too much exertion. Possible dangers include:

  • Bruised tissue
  • Ruptured blood vessels
  • Impotence
  • Penis insensitivity

Despite the high risk factors, Jelqing, when performed with care and in moderation, can prove beneficial.

Want to Experience Improved Penis Enlargement? Find Out How Our Experts and Community Can Help You.
By sharing your comments and concerns on the following forum topic, Herballove experts and community members can offer tips, proper diet advice and products for improving your penis size. If you have a comment or concern, please sign in or register to post your opinions on the comments below. If you want to recover, the following information can prove vital:   
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  • Do you take any medications?
  • What does your diet consist of?
Possible Benefits

Men who try Jelqing in moderation can see possible benefits that include

  • Improved tissue growth for added length
  • Enhanced blood redirection for penis growth
  • Improved girth

Prior to attempting Jelqing exercises, men should perform extensive research on the matter. Consult the Herballove community members. Watch videos. Speak to individuals who have tried Jelqing to see if you can benefit—or not—from the technique.

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