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Fighting for Your Hardness – Recovery from a Swollen Prostate
Will’s job as a high-profile financial advisor had become all but a distant memory. In the wake of the global recession of 2008 he and many other top tier employees of a blue chip company had received their walking papers abruptly and had been given hardly any severance pay. He struggled to find a similar job as soon as possible but at 59 years of age, his prospects in an increasingly ageist modern society were slim indeed.
Eventually he gave up on trying to secure a job in his field of specialty and seeing all of his money dry up, his wife divorced him, taking half of whatever was left. That’s when Will turned to a rigorous masturbatory schedule which included playing with his member every day in order to relief the mounting stress.
Soon afterward, he took a job as a traveling salesman, and his already unhealthy diet became even worse, since he mainly ate on the road. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pastrami sandwiches, you name it…the fatty fast foods took a toll on Will health and his stomach became rounder and rounder. But that wasn’t the only thing growing – his prostate had swollen up as well. His urinations became painful as well.
One day, while Will’s prostate was especially swollen and painful, he spied blood in his urine on one of his many trips to the bathroom. That was the final straw; he scoured the web for anything that could help and found out about Chinese herbal products.
After taking an all-natural remedy for a few months, Will’s condition improved vastly and his prostate shrank to a normal level. He also lost weight and got a new job where he made close to what he had originally before the financial collapse. In time, his ex-wife caught word of his miraculous recovery and called him, but he told her that he was too busy walking on the beach with his new, hot, 29 year old girlfriend.
A New Opportunity
As the above scenario illustrates, the causes of prostatic issues can be manifold. Sitting for long hours in your car, office, or even lay-z-boy chair, can cause congestion and blockages within the prostate. Over-masturbation can also negatively impact and cause the prostate to swell up. If a man doesn’t have a decent amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in his diet, he may not have the wherewithal to help him recover from the adverse effects of prostatitis.
This can all result in a downward spiral of symptoms including a swollen and painful prostate, sharp pains and discomfort when urinating, discountenance, blood in the urine, and eventually impotence. This can all put a big damper on one’s sex life and also cause embarrassment, a sense of hopelessness, shame, and also performance anxiety. So what are you to do if you’re suffering from these symptoms?
The Enemy...
Since masturbating too often is one of the main culprits of prostatitis, discontinuance of this practice is of upmost import. That doesn’t mean that you can never touch your little guy down there ever again, just for a while; at least until your unwanted symptoms fade away.
The next step in the right direction would be to take a powerful botanical remedy. (SEE: Natural Prostate Restoration Formula) These mixtures contain ingredients such as Selenium, Lycopene, Saw Palmetto, and Patrinia, potent herbs which can quell abnormal cell growth within the prostate and eventually reverse it. They can also help to heal DNA and cellular damage, as well as reduce the amount of inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 flowing throughout your body.
In time, you can experience a “healing from within” process, which includes a return to pain-free urinations (with no blood), a normalized urine schedule, a return to firmer and longer lasting erections (for those suffering from erection dysfunction), and a normal sized prostate once again. These factors can all lead to a fuller sex life and a wider variety of sexual prospects since a recovered (and non-embarrassed) man’s confidence will be much higher.
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