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Unpause Your Penis Growth: What’s Putting A Hold On Penile Enlargement for Men Past 35?
So you’re drawing ever closer to the big 4-0, or 5-0, or even 6-0, but you just aren’t satisfied with the size of your penis. You’ve been trying to increase its length, girth, or both; probably through the use of pills or pumps that claim to boost penile growth. And yet, you haven’t noticed any change.
Why aren’t your methods working? There’s ample evidence that they do work; you’ve read the testimonials and talked with friends. But for you, there’s just no improvement.
Not Young Anymore
Sound familiar? For most men past thirty-five, ordinary penile growth techniques just don’t show results. Just like a man of twenty can eat Top Ramen, Kit Kats, and Mountain Dew all day every day and never gain a pound, while a man ten years older would pretty much die on such a diet due to slowed metabolism, men older than thirty-five have lost some of the essential hormones they need to produce penile growth, while men younger than that can just pop a few pills, or do some penile exercises and get great results.
With Age Comes Experience
But as we all know, a diet of junk food is only pleasing to an uncultured palate. And sex at twenty hasn’t nearly the depth of pleasure or experience as sex at forty. You’ve had time to evolve techniques, rhythms, and tricks that bring additional enjoyment to both you and your partner, regardless of the size of your penis. And that certainly counts for a lot more with women than a large cock. However, there’s no shame in wanting a boost to your manhood, and you can still achieve it, even after thirty-five. It just takes a little extra work.
Hormonal Prep Work
When you want to make an oil painting, you first have to apply gesso—otherwise your masterpiece will end up discolored and flaking within a few years. Gesso fills in the holes of the canvas, leaving a smooth, neutral surface for paint to stick to. We’ve got to do the same thing for your body—get your hormone levels evened out, so that the chemicals designed to increase penile volume are actually able to do their job, instead of being flushed out as unusable.
The most important hormone for male penile enhancement is testosterone. Every man needs testosterone, and pretty high levels of it, too. It does everything from controlling sex drive, to building muscle, to improving mood. A man without enough testosterone can begin to exhibit feminine sex characteristics, such as developing breasts, decreasing testicle size, losing facial hair, and balding. While those are rather extreme aspects of low testosterone, most men of an age do tend to be functioning on less than optimal testosterone.
You Are What You Eat (And Drink)
The reasons for this are simple. Our body tends to process most of the more delicious types of food we enjoy as containing estrogen. And they might—especially meats treated with growth hormones, which is about every kind of meat and poultry these days. False estrogens are also derived from plastics (read: disposable water bottles and Tupperware), shampoos, and even beer!
Actually, especially beer. Sorry guys, beer is a huge source of false estrogens, and it tends to encourage the body to put on fat, which in turn creates more estrogen. Estrogen does not belong in the male body. At all. Any estrogen inside a man is taking the place of what should be testosterone. The more estrogen, the less testosterone, plus you have to deal with all the secondary sex characteristics estrogen brings along with it, i.e. all the weirdness I just told you about.
Stop the ‘Pause!
The other reason for low testosterone is simple biology. Men begin to produce less and less testosterone as they age, just as women begin to produce less estrogen and progesterone. It’s known as viropause or andropause, and while symptoms aren’t as obvious as in menopause, decreasing testosterone is one of them.
So, bargaining on the assumption that your testosterone levels are less than optimal, the only thing you need to do to see results with your penile growth is to raise them again. Obviously, you can begin to improve this by modifying diet, but you’ll begin to see almost instant results if you simply choose a supplement that includes testosterone. (TRY: Penile Enlargement Formulas for Mature Men) You don’t need too much, just a smidgen at a time to get you back on track, but with a dual-action pill or cream, you’ll soon be seeing the size you want.
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