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Puff, Puff, Pass Up Your Erections: What Smoking is Doing to Your Sex Life
When we’re enjoying a delicious, juicy, cheese-encrusted burger, who among us likes to be reminded of all the calories and growth hormones we’re ingesting? And when we’re out having a good time on the town, who welcomes the prediction of a sore head the next day? I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one. The same applies to smoking. It’s impossible that there is a person alive today who doesn’t know the health dangers of tobacco. And yet, we continue to indulge, and surely don’t thank the person who reminds us of its menace.
What’s This All About?
There comes a time, however, when facts must be faced. Smoking is terrible for humans, but what smoker knows exactly why, other than the problems they can quantify—tightness of breath, coughing, and of course, the driving need for just one more. Many write off the problems of breath and lungs as unimportant, especially if they already tend to be rather sedimentary. But there are deeper-seated problems as well, and ones that generally aren’t recognized as stemming from tobacco use.
Dude, That’s Ko-Razy!
Did you know? There’s actually a term for that fear you have that your penis is getting shorter. It’s known as “koro”, and is found throughout the world occasionally resulting in mass hysteria. Unfortunately, if you’re a smoker, your fears are probably not ungrounded. The average length of penile shrinkage due to tobacco use is one centimeter. It might not seem long now, but combine it with secondary issues involved in nicotine ingestion and you’ve got a real problem. And how many of you can afford to lose a centimeter, anyhow?
The reason for penile shrinkage in smokers is twofold. Firstly, nicotine is tobacco calcifies blood vessels, making them unable to expand and accommodate a high volume of blood flow. It’s imperative that your body be able to pump large amounts of blood from one end of the body to the other, this is a major aspect of arousal, and subsequently, erection. Secondly, research has shown that nicotine even affects the penile tissue itself, by making it less elastic.
Little Brain Drain
Thus, the blood that should be pouring into the penis is but a trickle—increasing the length of time it takes to get an erection—and the penis itself can’t engorge as it ought to—creating a semi-solid, essentially handicapped manhood. Truly an impressive specimen, I’m sure.
Make Me a Man!
To top it all off, some studies suggest that smoking can also have a negative effect on testosterone levels as well. Talk about dangerous to your love life! In those innocuous-looking little white and tan tubes lies the downfall of your entire sexuality. Testosterone keeps penile tissue healthy and happy, by rejuvenating tissues and encouraging muscle tone. It also controls libido and arousal. Without it, a man is essentially castrated. No desire for sex, and no way to make it work, even if he wanted to.
Help Yourself
What’s a smoker to do? The best choice would be to stop smoking, or even to cut down. Less smoke means less negative effects in the bedroom. Ideally, a man would stop smoking, and begin a supplement designed to remove the toxins from his body. To really boost penile function, a man could look into a solution that includes hormone and tissue rejuvenating properties. There are a variety of herbs that perform this function, and there are many supplements that offer both detoxification and enlargement capabilities.

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