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Youth Impotence Caused by Masturbation: A Solution for Males

What’s the safest form of sex? Anal? Nope. Vaginal? Hell no. Oral? Still no. The safest form is…masturbation. All right, all right, masturbation isn’t technically sex, but still, many pundits agree that along with abstinence, masturbation induces zero risk of STDs or vaginal infections. Whether you’re a man or a woman, masturbation is a healthy, natural part of life. But like all pleasurable act, it too can lead to abuse, obsession, and believe it or not, impotence. Yup, masturbation can lead to male impotence, and while rare, more and more experts agree that too much self pleasure can harm the body in a multitude of ways.

First, Why You Masturbate

Everyone masturbates, and each for his or her own reasons. Men enjoy the activity to alleviate stress. Some like it to quell urges in the absence of a partner, and others do it to fulfill fantasies. Whether it’s to address your desires or to minimize stress, masturbation proves that A) your body remains in a healthy sexual state and B) you enjoy exploring and understanding your body.

Masturbation becomes a problem when males become obsessed with the activity. How do you know it’s a problem?

You make excuses to masturbate
You experience agitation when you cannot masturbate
You cannot go longer than a day or a few hours without masturbation
You cannot gain an erection without pornography
If you see any of these signs, you might be well on your way toward experiencing masturbation-induced impotence.

Why Is This Happening?

Eat your favorite ice cream everyday for a month. After the month is up, you’ll notice you no longer enjoy your favorite treat, and you might even notice that you refuse to eat ice cream altogether. Why? During pleasurable activities, the brain releases chemicals that increase stimulation and create enjoyment. When the brain experiences this stimulation frequently and for prolonged periods, what once felt enjoyable now feels “meh.” Instead, your brain and body require a higher stimulation threshold to experience pleasure. Sex, like the ice cream sample, cannot be done again and again without altering the brain’s chemistry.

Men who masturbate incessantly will train their brains to experience stimulation to a certain type of pleasure. Meanwhile, the constant self-pleasuring will alter the brain’s chemical makeup. For males, this means less pleasure during sex and more embarrassed moments during intercourse.

Reversing the Problem With a Cock Ring

Men who experience difficulties with youth impotence can buy E.D. drugs, but most are expensive and include even riskier side effects. Men can instead opt for cock rings and pleasure gels to boost sensitivity and increase stimulation. Cock rings will accomplish two things:
Trap blood inside the erectile chambers to improve erectile strength and fight impotence
Boost stimulation for a harder, longer erection
Meanwhile, pleasure gels that improve sensitivity will grant males added stimulation, making each touch, kiss or lick even more enjoyable. These pleasure gels too will
Boost intimacy
Increase blood flow
Enhance stimulation
If you continue to experience impotence because of masturbation, it’s time to get help.

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