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Porn Obsessed – What Can Happen & What Can be Done
Jake had been with Tisha for a few years; it was his first serious relationship. He imagined that they’d had a pretty good run…at least for a while. They had done the usual dating stuff such as go to movies, out for meals together, and the like. One thing that Jake didn’t like about his relationship with Tisha is that she didn’t like to play video games as he did, and he had tried to get her play a few on occasion without any luck.
Their sex life had been pretty satisfying, at least in the beginning. Although Tisha seemed to like doing the same sexual things over and over, Jake tired of the “same old boring stuff” and started trying to experiment. At first it was just trying to get Tisha to engage in unorthodox sex positions, but then Jake began to want to involve different physical acts based around the actual sex itself.
A Time of Desperation
One in particular was dropping a few ice cubes into a sock and thrashing Tisha’s buttocks with it as she lay on her knees with her butt up in the air. After her bottom was sufficiently red, he’d stuff the sock covered ice cubes into her anus and then drink the water out of it once they had melted. She was okay with such practices because he was able to give her proper orgasms afterward, but then he wanted to try the caltrop thing.
Jake came into the bedroom one time carrying what looked like anal beads with small spikes sprouting out from them. He said he just wanted to try it with her and that it shouldn’t hurt…much. Tisha’s “weirdo-threshold” had finally been reached, and she bolted from his bedroom, vowing never to return. This was far beyond trying to convince her to play video games.
It hadn’t really mattered by that point; because Jake had already found Cathy Cuming. Was Cathy another woman on the side…or perhaps a prostitute that he’d been seeing? No, she was merely a “porno slut” that he’d found online. Even since he’d watched Cathy’s first scene—her engaged in depraved sexual acts with multiple men, he was hooked.
Eventually, the only way that Jake could reach a full orgasm is by watching Miss Cuming engage in increasingly raunchy sex scenes. In fact, the only thing on his mind after a while was the constant need to masturbate to Cathy’s exploits. He began to feel tired all of the time and when Tisha came over during a horny hot flash one night, he couldn’t hold back his climax and had finished in under two minutes. How could this have happened? Jake wondered; he used to be able to last for hours...
A Gradual Fall
Over masturbation happens in stages. First it may seem a fun thing to do casually as a way to fantasize about someone that you’d like to be with sexually. Then, with the aid of porn, it can escalate to fixating on certain sexual acts, or porn performers who do certain things that men might prefer. Eventually, men can become more and more dependent on masturbation as a way to satisfy their primal urges and engage in whacking the wizard throughout the day – every day.
As their bodies become more exhausted through constantly burning through the hormones and neurotransmitters required to reach sexual arousal and climax, men can become irritable and moody and begin to lose sleep. Additionally, through their obsessive masturbatory habits, men can begin to suffer from physical symptoms as well such as premature ejaculation (very common), the inability to maintain an erection, and even eventual impotence. So how do you reverse this train wreck before it even happens?
Healing an Over-Whacked Wiener
Yes, masturbation is beneficial...when done at a moderated frequency. Three to four times a week is pretty standard. This allows the normal human body to recover and replenish itself of vital hormones and neurotransmitters for proper sexual function. Try to back off of porn and get back to imagining sexual scenarios instead.
Engaging in regular exercise or playing a sport can also mitigate the urge to masturbate too much, since these activities drain the body naturally of resources, and then replenish and rejuvenate them later in order to build up their bodies to become stronger and more efficient.
Most men need additional help, however, and that’s where taking a botanical solution can come into play. (SEE: Habit Fighting Herbal Formula for Overmasturbation Recovery) These potent herbal concoctions can help to re-stabilize out-of-whack hormonal levels and balance them out. They can also reinvigorate the body’s resources by re-supplying nutrients which are critical to healthy bodily functions, which in turn can facilitate proper sexual capabilities and a return to a normal sex life.
Help is right around the corner for those who take their lives seriously and prefer all-natural remedies. You only have one body in this life time so take care of it starting now!
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