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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: As a Woman’s Body Ages, Her Vagina Can Lose Sensitivity and Even Become Numb

Young women don’t want to know how their vaginas change with time, and mature women don’t want to give details. Here’s the truth: each vagina ages differently. Many lose elasticity, not because of previous sexual interludes, but because vaginal muscles become thin and weak. Some becomes displaced after hysterectomies, and still others lose sensation. Ultimately, the greatest impact is on sex.

The Truth about the Vagina
You probably know the vagina is called by many unsavory names: coochie, bearded clam and va-jay-jay. It’s easy to make light of this organ if you don’t understand it – but the vagina is surprisingly complex. Just think of all the activities of which it is capable: intercourse, childbirth, menstruation, and orgasm. Need we say more?
“The vagina is rarely given its due,” says Roxanne, a sexual education instructor. “We think of it as nothing more than a slit in the body. It is actually an entire environment, capable and beautiful in its own right.”
Never is the vagina more beautiful than during sex, and orgasm comes easily to many women of childbearing age. These are the years when the vagina and clitoris are at their most sensitive. Although vaginal penetration doesn’t necessarily lead to the big O, clitoral stimulation is usually a sure bet.
“One of the first things I teach my adult female students is masturbation so they can touch their bodies,” Roxanne says. “The clit is loaded with nerves that make it a powerhouse of sensitivity. Every female should take advantage of that.”
The Source of Anguish
If the vagina is so sensitive in a woman’s early years, what goes wrong with age? Quite simply, the answer is hormones.
Throughout a woman’s life, the liver releases enzymes crucial to the production of hormones. Our focus right now is on the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Many people credit only male bodies with testosterone production, but the female body also produces it. If you guessed this hormone drives sexual desire, you’re absolutely correct.
“Feminine libido is a little different for each woman, but it boils down to a stable relationship and balanced hormones,” says Roxanne. “If one element is missing, sex becomes the chore of which so many women complain.”
Estrogen is to the vagina what testosterone is to desire. It maintains firm muscles, moisture and that seductive pink hue. The moment estrogen levels drop – as happens in the years just prior to and during menopause – a woman’s vagina undergoes dramatic changes.
“As a woman matures, her liver continues to release enzymes necessary for the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone,” Roxanne explains. “But menopause slows ovarian function before stopping it altogether. This means hormone production drops, and sexual desire and arousal hit the road.”
On top of this, estrogen promotes those pleasurable sensations felt in the clitoris and vagina during sex. Its decline is often associated with clitoral insensitivity, rendering orgasms all but impossible. The G spot also loses sensation, so vaginal intercourse becomes uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.
Say Hello to Sensation
We’ve established that clitoral and vaginal numbness are owed to estrogen deficiency. So, as Roxanne says, the goal is to restore hormones to optimal levels. “I advise women to take herbal supplements,” Roxanne continues. “They’re safe and effective. Period.”
A comprehensive herbal formula is most ideal for correcting vaginal insensitivity. One to try is VRP Formula I, which contains beneficial herbs like Fenugreek and Fo Ti to stimulate blood flow to the genitals and repair damaged tissues. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration & Repair Formula) Of course, this supplement also balances hormones so a woman can look forward to a future, rather than a history, of orgasms.
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