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Swamp Crotch - Lack of Good Hygiene Leading to a Stinky Penis

Jack is a modern day go-getter with hardly any time to himself. He dedicates long hours to his job at a marketing firm, while trying to climb the latter of success. Over time, Jack noticed a slight smell exuding from his nether parts, and after a cursory search online, he chalked up the stench to sweat accumulated from his running around all day.

One evening while at a social event for work, Jack met Tina, a chef in training, and the two hit it off. After a few weeks of trying to lineup conflicting schedules, they finally decided to spend an evening together; Tina would bring over some food to cook and Jack would play host. Throughout the evening, it became evident that the only thing that was on the dessert menu was each other, and the two frolicked and engaged in some naughty talk before ending up entwined with each other and half-naked on the couch. At one point, his boxers slid down as she moved into position for a little fellatio.

And…her head reared back with squinted eyes just as quickly. Then, he suddenly caught a whiff of the smell as well, a putrid stench wafting from his private parts. Embarrassed, he tried to explain his shame, pegging his workout program as the cause. While he mumbled his words, she fumbled putting on her clothes, proceeding to exit his apartment as quickly as possible.
Many men like Jack exist, men who have silent, ticking time bombs, or rather stinking time bombs. Men who aren’t circumcised are especially vulnerable to accumulating a nasty cheese-like substance called smegma (yes, it even sounds super gross) under their foreskins. So what happens if you’re being a good little boy and washing, but the smell persists?
Checking and Then Curing
Natural treatments exist can help, but first, men must make sure that they don’t have a skin infection. This would be noted by some skin inflammation and discomfort, so it is always wise to get a medical checkup if you think the inflammation is something more serious. Barring that, taking an herbal supplement can heal your body from the inside out. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Penis Smell Relief) Many men desperately try to eliminate the problem by dousing their penises with bleach or other harmful substances; the real healing comes from within.
  • Restabilizing the natural penile chemicals and nutrients
  • Eliminating odor
  • Alleviating dead skin and smelly oils trapped under foreskin
These botanicals can provide the body with the factors that prevent the buildup of exfoliated skin cells and extravascular oils (smegma) in the first place. Just remember to keep keeping-up with proper hygiene as well.

So take action today and get rid of that stinky-bomb!

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