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Penis Pumps: A Benefits Guide

You’re considering buying a penis pump. You’ve done your researched, asked users and seen some positive feedback on some devices. Prior to purchasing any device, you want an authority figure to give you an overview on the device, including side effects and benefits. If you’re considering purchasing a penis pump, here’s what you should know about the product:

How Do They Work

Pumps all work the same. Men place a vacuum over the penis and pump air into the shaft to constrict tissue and redirect blood toward the penis. Each pump sends more and more air into the shaft. After an erection has been obtained, men can use a release valve to allow air to escape and remove the pump.

Potential Dangers

While most pumps include extensive instructions and safety tips, men can experience injuries. Men who over pump or who use the device improperly have reported injuries. For example, the silicone edge that surrounds the base of the pump can chip from excessive use. The chipped silicone can expose the plastic that can irritate or cut the penis. Other known injuries have occurred because of excessive pumping that ruptures blood vessels and bruises tissue. Men who have experienced injuries report

  • Bruised tissue
  • Pain gaining an erection
  • Penile sensitivity
  • Impotence

Benefits of Pumps

Despite the possible dangers penile pumps can create, men who use the device experience satisfaction with the product. Men who use a pump too notice

  • Improved erectile strength
  • Expansion of tissue for both girth and length improvements
  • Elevated levels of confidence
  • Improved sexual stimulation

Men may see pumps as an object for improving sexual satisfaction and erectile strength. Sure, pumps continue to get a bad rep for their outlandish claims, but men who use them and use them on a consistent basis and under safe measure can experience enlargement.

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