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No Laughing Matter - The Pain and Ramifications of Penile Injury

Why is it we are inclined to chuckle when we see someone kicked in the groin? It’s a tried and true gag, we’ve seen countless variations of it played out in films and movies. But anyone who has been on the receiving end of a testicular or penile injury can say with utmost certainty – it’s no laughing matter.
Since the penis is an organ and actually contains no bone, we generally don’t associate serious injuries with it. For the most part, injuries to the penis are quite uncommon when it’s in its flaccid state.  However, it’s when the penis is erect that it is more susceptible to injury and can in fact become bruised or even fractured in a number of ways. Needless to say, in such situations immediate care and treatment is necessary.
When a man experiences pain in his penis, it’s uncomfortable (obviously), but it’s also frustrating because it becomes disruptive to his sex life and jeopardizes the intimacy of his relationships. Worse, it can lead to self-induced repetitive trauma in which the victim becomes so accustomed to experiencing the pain, it is emotionally all-consuming, preventing the likelihood of a normal life. It can affect job performance, social confidence, and sexual performance.
It is the unfortunate and ironic truth that the majority of penile injuries are incurred during sexual intercourse. In fact, it is in this manner that accounts for about 30%-50% of all penile trauma cases. It is during the ‘woman-on-top’ position that an injury is most common. An impact against the female pelvis or perineum suddenly bends the penis laterally. A sharp pain ensues, and depending on the severity of the accident, bruising may appear.
A serious fracture can occur when the trauma results in a rupture of the inner cylinder lining. When the injury happens, it is often accompanied by an excruciating cracking sound, much like that heard in the comedic conventions discussed previously. In reality, it is an intensely painful injury that can only be taken seriously. Subsequently, dark bruising occurs due to blood loss from the penile cylinder. 
Oddly enough, self-induced injuries are quite common, too. Over-ejaculation from frequent masturbation can result in swollen penile veins that lead to poor testicular blood circulation, penile shrinkage and pain.  But it is the use of manmade penile pumps and sex devices that are the second most prevalent cause of penile injury. They can damage the cylinder lining of the penis in their attempts to over-extend the organ.
The easiest way to determine with certainty whether a serious injury has occurred is to simply inspect the penis thoroughly to see if there are any bruises, dents, sensitive areas, or bleeding. It is all-too-common for someone to over-react when discovering a penile injury. They may be consumed with thoughts of permanent disability, infertility, impotence… All relevant issues that deserve attention, but one must be mindful of adding unnecessary stress and anxiety to the situation.   
Most penile injuries do not require surgery, and heal with time. There are natural remedies that allow the process to transpire more rapidly, insuring the proper restoration of the organs’ health. For a fractured or damaged penis, there are special herbs that can actually help to heal damaged nerve endings and parasympathetic nerves.

Gotu Kola is an Indian herb used for healing skin and connective tissues.
Ashwagandha and Schizandra each ensure potency.
Damiana improves blood flow to the genitalia.
Sarsaparilla contains testosterone-like substances.
Wild yam contains natural steroids that rejuvenate and give vigor.
Yohimbe Bark expands the blood vessels in the penis, increases the blood flow and nitrous oxide important for achieving an erection.

Over-ejaculation can overtax what is referred to as the “parasympathetic bioelectric battery”, leading to a slow testicular function and insufficient testosterone and sperm count. Again, many herbal remedies effectively work to reverse these problems.
For an inflamed urethra, herbs are quite useful in fighting infection, relieving pain, and strengthening the urinary system.  Cranberry is well known for it’s cleansing properties and is great for kidney health. Green tea promotes antioxidant, anticancer and immune effects. Cat's claw is good for anticancer, immune, and antibacterial or anti-fungal activity, while Bromelain reduces pain and inflammation.
Hundreds of men each year suffer a penile fracture but do not seek immediate medical attention. Nearly all of these cases result in serious sexual dysfunction; weak or poor erections, major penile curvature, and/or pain during intercourse. If you suffer an injury to your penis, remember, this isn’t a comedy - this is your life. Take the steps necessary to insure the health of your primary sex organ, it’s the only one you have!

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