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Another Reason to Put Down the Cigarette: Nicotine Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Otherwise Healthy Men

Noah has lived a simple life. He went to college after high school and graduated with a degree in economics. His job pays well and allows him to travel. Now divorced, he enjoys a busy social life. “I feel like my life is on track,” he says.
“Except for my erectile dysfunction.”
Up in Smoke
Up to Noah’s fortieth birthday, his penis worked fine. “My marriage taught me how to bring a woman to orgasm,” he says. “I learned to hone my technique and control myself to come more slowly. I loved sex.”
Noah’s girlfriend of two years confirms his words. “When we first got together, we made love a few times a day,” she says. “Then he hit 40 and everything changed. It was like a curse fell on our sex life. We stopped making love because he couldn’t maintain an erection.”
Noah shudders as his girlfriend talks. But his is not the usual blow to a fragile male ego. Rather, he blames himself for his woes in the bedroom because he started smoking when he was 15. More than 20 years of nicotine streaming into his body took its toll in a surprising way: Noah could no longer enjoy sex, the simplest of human pleasures.
“I was a kid when I had my first cigarette,” he says. “I wanted to smoke because it made me feel like an adult. By the time I graduated college, I smoked a pack-and-a-half a day. It was my stress reliever.”
Now is the Time to Quit
Before we finish his story, we must take a few steps back. Four months after his fortieth birthday, Noah checked in with his medical doctor. The doctor confirmed erectile dysfunction (ED) and asked Noah to undergo more testing.
“My doctor said ED is often the symptom of an underlying condition,” Noah says. “I was lucky because my other tests came back negative. No diabetes, no neurological disorders, no anxiety. But then we faced a more perplexing question: what was behind my ED?”
Noah’s doctor asked him to look at his daily habits and write down everything he noted: alcohol consumption, food intake, sleeping hours, and average stress levels. Noah recorded the information and got to know himself on a new level. He also noted his smoking, which he’d learned to control since his days of youth but hadn’t yet nixed. After a review of his lifestyle, Noah realized the problem: nicotine.
Stop the Erectile Dysfunction
Simply put, nicotine restricts blood vessels. This means the vessels are no longer fully open. Blood flow diminishes and an erection becomes harder to maintain. After all, a penis grows in response to increased blood. No amount of desire, no level of arousal can combat this condition. A man’s only solution is to hit the source of the problem.
“I stopped smoking,” Noah says. “But I knew it would take time for my body to detoxify. So I started using Passion Packs for Him to open my blood vessels and increase healthy blood flow.”
Passion Packs for Him are tubes of cream/gel designed to cleanse the body of nicotine toxins. They also direct blood to the penis for bigger, harder erections that last. Products like these come in a variety of forms, including supplements, herbs and pills. As Noah explains, he selected a gel because it applied directly to his penis, where he needed the most help.
“I’m not one to tout a product, but this really worked,” Noah says. “I wouldn’t tell another man to put something on his penis if it didn’t help. But thankfully it did.”

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