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A Helping Hand: How Women Can Solve Men’s Premature Ejaculation Problems
If there’s anything worse than a surprisingly short stick, it’s a surprisingly short sexing. And we women might act like it’s fine, we’ve seen it before, no worries—but you know we’re mentally ticking that chump off the list all the same. And that’s all right, if you’re not in an extended relationship with someone.
Stuck In a Rut
However, sometimes problems don’t emerge until you’re already tied to someone. Then what do you do? Keep ho-humming your way through quickies you don’t get anything out of? Take matters into your own hand? Nag him to death over it? Sneak around with better lovers? Every woman’s got a technique, obviously some more commendable than others, but we’ve all got one.
Keep on Keeping On
I’m one of those who’ll try to wait it out. Encourage. Write it off. Then, when I get fed up with waiting, I just start withholding. Not a good choice for anyone. But what’s a girl to do? A long time ago, I started looking into premature ejaculation resistance. Probably back with my first boyfriend. Ah, who can forget the forgettable interludes with their first lover?
A Gripping Tale
Well, anyhow, there’s actually a ton of ways to try to prevent your lover from coming. Cock rings, testicle rings, reach-around testicle’s pretty heady stuff for a sixteen-year-old. But there’s one technique that ends up not being solely dependent on the man. This method caught my eye, as it integrates both partners into the game of “Not Yet”.
So how it works is this: the couple enjoys normal intercourse, until the man feels he can’t hold back any longer. He then quickly withdraws, and the woman pinches his penis directly below the head. It’s negative feedback training, and the penis might wilt a bit, but over time it helps the man to develop better timing impulses, and improved stamina.
Begin At the Very Beginning
It’s an approach pioneered by that sexually pioneering couple, Masters and Johnson. They suggest beginning with simple manual stimulation of the penis (read: jacking off of), and progressing through non-thrusting intercourse all the way up to normal sexual procedure. When I tried this routine, all those years ago, I wasn’t about to work my way up through the ranks. I figured we’d just start with normal sex, and see if we had to retrogress from there.
Quick and Easy
I can happily report that the technique worked just fine. My partner reported a strange, strong, but not unpleasant feeling that immediately quelled the sensation of orgasm. He was then able to continue as usual. After a few weeks of practice, he was already much improved at restraining himself; he said the practice helped him to realize what it meant to hold back, and how it felt when he was on the brink. And I was pleased, because I was on my way to discovering my own intercourse-driven orgasm, without having to worry about an abrupt derailing.
If you’re experiencing problems with your man’s run time, you ought to give this routine a try. It’s a way to approach the problem together, and it definitely gives results. He doesn’t have to feel like he’s all on his own with a problem he has no idea how to solve.
Now, you’re both working towards something, and you’re doing just as much as he is. It will certainly encourage better results if he feels you’re backing him up and helping him keep control; it’ll probably turn him on even more in the long run. (TRY: Masters and Johnson's Squeeze Method) Don’t hold yourself back for him anymore—try this together, and I’m sure you’ll soon be enjoying much improved sex.
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