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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick with Tongkat Ali

Long hours at the office got you down?  Working out at the gym leaving you too tired for sex?  Do you seek not only easier activation of your erections, but erections that are at once more sensitive to sex, and last longer?
Perhaps the better question is, Who wouldn’t like more energy and better sex?  I certainly did, and here’s what I did about it.
My wife and I are in our late thirties, what you call DINO’s— dual-income, no kids.  So while we have not exactly passed our sexual primes and don’t yet have all the excuses to let our sex life wither (OK, there is no excuse for that, but kids, I am told, will certainly drain your energy and mood), a funny thing happened between us a few months ago.
We were both working full time, with very different hours.  I was working in retail, which meant a lot of late nights and weekends at the store.  She was doing the corporate grind, which means better pay but less mental energy leftover for you know what.
As it became harder and harder to find time to be intimate, our intimate moments became softer and softer, if you catch my drift.  That is, to put it bluntly, I found myself mentally aroused, but my erections were less than stellar and sex seemed to last only a few minutes.  For her, the sex was fine, adequate… there but not GREAT. 
After doing some research and talking to a few experts, here’s what I found.  One, all the caffeine in our lives was bringing us “up” in the morning but leaving us all the more “down” at night.  Our different hours made it more difficult to get in synch with each other, especially harder for her to get in the mood.  We needed a boost, but I found out that Viagra was not the answer because I had no problem getting erections.  My problem, ours really, was getting firmer erections and maintaining the energy to perform.  To put on a show!
That’s when I turned to Tongkat Ali.  And let me tell you, now that we both take it, not only have our lovemaking sessions become more intense, lasting and fulfilling, the rest of the hours of the day aren’t such a drag, either.  We have great sex; we have more energy!
So it seems, for men and women alike, Tongkat Ali might be the boost you’ve been looking for.
Sometimes called “Walking Stick” and “Ali’s Walking Stick,” Tongkat Ali is an herb (L. Eurycoma longifolia) found primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia, taken from the roots of a bushy tree that grows in hilly rainforests.  Used medicinally for thousands of years in Southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali is gaining popularity in the U.S. as domestic studies over the past twenty years continue to prove its multi-faceted efficacy beyond those of a mere aphrodisiac. 
A quick list of Tongkat Ali’s benefits includes:

  • Increases your body’s testosterone production
  • Improves firmness and sensitivity of erections
  • Enhances energy, endurance, and stamina in sex and other physical activities
  • Reduces mental fatigue and physical exhaustion
  • Aids in healthier skin and muscle tone
  • Strengthens immune system

OK—you’ve heard all this before.  But what separates Tongkat Ali from other performance enhancers like Yohimbe and Viagra is its ability to achieve the desired results without adverse side effects such as jittery nerves, heart palpitations, upset stomach, diarrhea and insomnia.  Taken as a beverage, Tongkat Ali is also less acidic than coffee and less of a hard-hitter than Yohimbe.  In other words, Tongkat is effective and gentle.

How It Works

Tongkat Ali does not contain testosterone, but it does aid in testosterone production. Normally (without medicinal enhancements), when testosterone levels are elevated through arousal, the sex hormones (androgens and estrogens) will signal the body to decrease or actually stop its own testosterone production.  Tongkat Ali overrides this process and stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to continue producing testosterone at elevated levels.  So in addition to a lasting sex, men enjoy a greater sense of well-being and increased confidence in their sexual performance. Size may or may not matter to you or your mate, but chances are Tongkat Ali will help you here too.  When testosterone production increases during sex, the penis and testicles will increase in size, and erections will become firmer and therefore more sensitive.  Women who take Tongkat Ali enjoy a similar effect (see below for more about the effects on women).
And what’s the point of sex?  Aside from intimacy and relationship issues, of course, it’s all about the orgasm!  Here the effects of Tongkat Ali reveal some additional interesting benefits.  If you suffer from tired and passionless erections (plump but nor hard), or less-than-earth-shattering orgasms (sometimes referred to as “dribbling” orgasms), Tongkat Ali can help.  If age or other medications such as anti-depressants have got you down, look no further than Tongkat Ali to return you to the glory days of more satisfying “shooting” orgasms. 
Unlike Viagra, which can help erections but not the libido itself, Tongkat Ali has been proven to work the whole body and mind to achieve better sex for both partners and more pleasurable, “explosive” orgasms for men.  Tests have also shown Tongkat Ali to aid in larger sperm size, greater production, and increased motility.
Beyond sex, let’s talk about sheer energy.  Energy in the body is stored in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  These high-energy molecules are used by the body to perform energetic activities.  Tongkat Ali enhances the production of ATP through oxidative phosphorylation.  For this reason, consumed Tongkat boosts energy levels to overcome lethargy and fatigue.  

For Women Too!

Just as it acts as an aphrodisiac for men, Tongkat Ali increases the amount of blood flow throughout the circulatory system of women. With increased blood flow to the vagina, women will find it easier to get in the mood and, once there, she will find her labia and clitoris much more sensitive to the touch.  Because it is all natural, women experience fewer side effects than are likely from other stimulants, including Viagra.
Tongkat Ali also has a tendency to increase the amount of estrogen in the female body. By stimulating the pituitary gland and increasing hormonal activity, women will find their estrogen levels remaining more consistent and slightly increased. 

Some women have even reported that taking Tongkat Ali after pregnancy helped them tighten abdominal muscles and give them the needed energy to exercise those extra pounds away.
Generally speaking, some differences of opinion exist as to how much time it takes for the effects of Tongkat Ali to kick-in.  While most studies conclude that Tongkat Ali is not an herb that requires weeks or even months to make an impact, it’s probably not going to provide you with an “ultra-horny” stimulus twenty minutes after ingesting it, either.  Rather, Tongkat Ali is prone to work within a few hours, and may provide a spontaneous boost when you are involved normally sexually aroused situations.  Like nature intended, in other words.
Tongkat Ali is now available in tablet, powder or raw root form (though when brewed and taken as a liquid it can taste bitter and thus is preferably taken in tablet form). Tongkat Ali works best when synergized with other tonic herbs in a formula. Most powerful formula that contained Tongkat Ali are:

Overall, even setting these wonderful sexual benefits aside, Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase circulation throughout the body benefits the everyday functions of concentration, exercising, and a greater sense of being healthy. 

And isn’t that the foundation to any worthwhile activity, especially sex?

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