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Tight Muscles May Mean Worse PMS
Cynthia always suffered from debilitating cramps. When we were 14, she often would miss one or two days of school because of the cramps. She tried over the counter drugs to stymie the pain, but she found little respite from these pills. She tried hot baths. She even tried changing her diet—all to no avail. 
Cynthia, like most women I know, suffers from the crippling pain caused by cramps. And while Mother Nature blessed us with the gift of procreation, sometimes it feels unfair to combat cramps, headaches and mood swings each month. For Cynthia, it was the cramps that continued to assail her for years, and I did the best I could to help her. After years of suffering, I found the ticket to her freedom from pain each month.  
Loosen Up
For Cynthia, a major source of her PMS pain was because of muscle tension. She was in fantastic shape, but as every athlete knows her workouts can cause damage without proper stretching. Her muscle tension contributed to the pain she felt each month. Each ach was intensified by heighten stress on her back and legs.
Meanwhile, a profound hormonal imbalance too increased her chances of painful stomach cramps. Each month, the body experiences a sudden drop in both progesterone and estrogen. The body too experiences a higher elevation in prostaglandin.  As a result of higher prostaglandin, cramps occur because of uterine contractions. And for Cynthia, clots and bloody tissues in the cervix intensified the cramping sensations.
Finding Her Help
Cynthia tried it all—salt baths, yoga even diet changes. Her cramps remain consistent—painful, debilitating and annoying. So I told her to try some all-natural supplements. She was skeptical at first. But after investigating, she found that these products helped minimize prostaglandin E-2 and elevated prostaglandin E-1 (PGE1) and prostaglandin E-3, anti-inflammatory hormones.

And thanks to ingredients such as Cramp bark, Chasteberry and Dong Quai, ingredients with a proven record for minimizing cramps, she started to experience results. She spent less time at home each month from the pain, and she even admitted “My mood and my cramps have improved.”
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