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Mr. Load's Wild Ride – Understanding the Anatomy of a Male Ejaculation
Your sex-ed teacher may have skipped some topics. For instance, she probably didn't mention which sexual positions promote the greatest level of penetration, and she probably didn't educate you about the proper procedure for a threesome (and yet they call her a teacher!).

Yes, you learned about reproduction and fallopian tubes, but did you ever learn about the anatomy of an ejaculation? Probably not. Well, gather 'round kids, because you're about to go on a journey of a different kind, one that you won't even find on Willy Wonka's tour. 
A World of Pure Ejaculation 
You already know the basics. Male ejaculation begins with a bit of seminal fluid, which springs forth from the penis as the result of prolonged—or sometimes not so prolonged—sexual friction (or even sexually enticing dreams, as many an embarrassed teenager has learned firsthand). It may find its way into a vagina or some other orifice. More often, it may even find its way into a tissue.

But we're not here to judge. These are the obvious facts. But there are a lot of other things that you probably didn't know. For instance, that actual sperm only makes up about 5 percent—and sometimes less—of the actual seminal fluid. The fluid also contains hormones and neurotransmitters from cortisol to serotonin to melatonin, which explains why you often feel sleepy after sex. 
The journey begins in the ejaculatory ducts, located within the prostate gland. This location is where semen collects during sexual activity. When your arousal reaches its highest level, your body experiences a spinal reflex. This reflex causes spasms throughout the muscles in your prostate, urethra and penis, and these spasms propel the semen outward. Before you know it, your penis is releasing a steady flow of fluid. Interestingly, the contractions occur at 0.8-second intervals, which is identical to the timing of orgasmic contractions in women. 
What's perhaps even more interesting is that your body has safeguards in place to prevent semen from mixing with urine. Since both fluids must share the same emergency exit, it's nice to know that your body has a built-in stoplight to maintain a healthy flow of traffic.

While you ejaculate, the internal sphincter of your urinary bladder seals to prevent urine from escaping. Because let's face it, your girlfriend has enough urine of her own. She doesn't need any of yours. 
When Ejaculation Goes Awry 
We've just outlined how ejaculation works in a perfect world, but in case you haven't figured it out yet, our bodies are prone to certain flaws, malfunctions and anomalies. If they weren't, we wouldn't need doctors. 
In fact, our bodies can be downright annoying sometimes. Ejaculation is no exception. For instance, an inflamed prostate can lead to painful ejaculations; a hormonal imbalance can lead to difficulty ejaculating (solution: stop masturbating so much); and performance anxiety can lead to premature ejaculation (solution: take nourishing herbs and stop masturbating so much).

Well, nobody said the human body was perfect. But the good news is that now you know exactly how ejaculation works. Well, actually knowing the science of it changes nothing, but it might make for interesting conversation at the next family barbecue.
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