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High and Dry: Masturbation Seems Harmless but Can Scuff the Genitals and Lead to Vaginal Dryness

It feels good and yields benefits for the mind and body. We’re talking about masturbation, a subject that’s always been a little taboo. But it’s time to strip down the barriers and speak openly about self-pleasure, because although this activity can be healthy, it can be problematic as well.

The Brain and Sex
The first thing we need to make clear is that masturbation is divided into two categories: the first is an act of self-love, in which a person takes the time to explore his or her skin and body parts. He or she reaches climax not to get “high,” but to enjoy the pleasures of touching and feeling.
The second kind of masturbation is often addictive. It doesn’t involve affection or exploration. Rather than being an act of love, it aims only for the end result: orgasm. As a person continues to engage in this type of masturbation, he or she loses the need for touch. They want only to climax because of the rush it offers – with orgasm, the brain releases the pleasure chemical dopamine. Dopamine drives the human need for reward, and in the case of sex, orgasm is the reward.
Even two people who engage in intercourse together want to orgasm. But making love requires touch, skin-to-skin contact and consideration for the other person. Masturbation doesn’t – no partner needs to be satisfied, and no time must be spent on cuddling or foreplay. It is a complete abandonment of passion.
Establishing the Link to Dryness
What does all of this have to do with vaginal dryness? The answer is plenty. First, as we already said, masturbation can be addictive. When a woman wants only to pleasure herself, the thought of intercourse loses its appeal. This means a loss of arousal and, hence, a loss of wetness.
In order to be prepared for sex, a woman must want it. That’s really what we’re talking about here – desire. The simplicity of masturbation can interfere with the longing to touch and be touched. Without desire, a woman will not produce the natural lubrication that facilitates intercourse.
The second component to this equation is skin irritation. Most women reach climax with clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is unique among all organs in that it is designed solely for pleasure. This means it’s loaded with nerve endings – more than 8,000 – all compressed into a small package. The clit is sensitive to say the least and can endure only a limited amount of touch.
Sex toys like vibrators, massagers and dildos provide incredible stimulation at a price. They can desensitize nerves, tear skin and even cause painful abrasions. If not properly maintained, they also cause vaginal infections. The same is true of the hands and fingers: too much touching can overstimulate the genitals. These events lead to vaginal dryness that’s both uncomfortable and hard to correct.
What’s a Woman to Do?
We’re not saying you shouldn’t masturbate, but certainly some prudence is required. Take your time and indulge slowly – you don’t need to be in a rush just to orgasm. Mix it up a little and alternate your own touch with sex toys. If you find yourself craving solo time rather than intercourse, take a step back and determine what’s missing from your relationship.
We also recommend a dryness relief formula that enhances natural lubrication. (TRY: Vaginal Dryness Reversal Herbal Blend) Blended with a variety of herbs – including Wild Yam and Dong Quai – this remedy helps balance hormones and restore sensitivity to damaged tissues. It is a safe and effective way to overcome vaginal dryness.

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