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Botanical Tincture For Bad Sperm Odor

One of the most embarrassing and obvious symptoms of over-masturbation is a foul odor of the semen. If your intimacy extends to the point of your partner having such close contact to your ejaculation that she can smell it, you may want to consider this remedy. After all, who wants to exhibit a ‘turn off’ factor during sex?

This formula is designed to promote the flourishing and clean flow of blood and other bodily fluids. The herb Morinda, in fact, is included for its ability to reduce signs of aging and return vitality, re-nourishing fluids such as blood and semen, thereby suppressing potential offending odors.

The Chinese fruit, Lycium, is used to restore the fertile properties of semen. It can also clear vision, strengthen the kidneys, and nourish the liver. It’s very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C and E, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. The addition of Horny Goat Weed, a known aphrodisiac that strengthens nerves and nourishes the blood, is also necessary to make this a most potent formula against bad sperm odor.

10 grams of Momordica (Luo Han Guo)
10 grams of Horny Goat Weed (Yin Yang Huo)
8 grams of Morinda (Ba Ji Tian)
8 grams of Alfalfa (Zi Hua Mu Xu)
8 grams of Longana Arillus (Long Yan Rou)
8 grams of Lycium (Goji)
5 grams of Ligustici Rhizoma (Gao Ben)

One of the oldest medicinal practices is the formulation of a “tincture”, an extraction of active compounds from plant material using alcohol as solvent. The active ingredients in herbs are best and most easily extracted by alcohol.

A primary purpose of the extraction is to isolate and secure various anti-oxidant compounds known as “flavonoids” that are beneficial to human health. Once prepared, it is best to store your tincture in a airtight dark glass container and keep it at (or below) room temperature.

1.Pour the herbal blend into the jar, up to between a quarter to half of its capacity (20 oz)
2.Add Vodka, Rum or Brandy just above the level of the herbs.
3.Seal the jar (tightly, to prevent leakage or evaporation)
4.Store the jar in a dry and dark area.
5.Add more alcohol over the next few days, allowing the dried herbs to soak and expand.
6.Store the jar for two weeks to three months.

1.Strain the tincture through a sieve with cheesecloth into another clean jar or storage container.
2.Extract the remaining tincture by squeezing the saturated herbs and transfer it into a dropper bottle. Refrigerate it.
3.Take two teaspoons right after lunch and dinner. If you can’t stand the taste, dilute it with water, juice, or tea.

Most herbal tinctures are prepared using alcohol as a solvent. If you can’t consume alcohol, use Apple Cider Vinegar or Wine Vinegar instead. It is recommended to store them in the refrigerator, but be sure to label the jars clearly in order to prevent other family members from inadvertently drinking your tincture. Avoid using plastic containers at all costs.

The ethanol in the tincture may solubilize some of the free vinyl substances in the plastic and some PBA might leak out. Never use stainless steel containers for long-term storage.

If the tiny fragments of residue passing through the cheesecloth concern you, filter them twice through a paper coffee filter.

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