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Time To Ditch “The Same Old” Position?
When you first discovered sex, it seemed like the most wonderful thing in the world. You determined your partner based on your preferences: tall, brown-haired, glasses, left-handed, plus-sized, and always smells like fresh soap. And your level of attraction to this type lead to the “tried and true” partner. 
How Sex Gets Boring
Partners, like sex positions, becomes routine in their habits, performing the same ol' same ol'.
The Most Common Sex Positions
  • Missionary: The woman on her back, the man on top
  • Female Superior: The man on his back, the woman on top of him
These positions are the first ones most of us learn because they are so simple.
What's Wrong With The Tried And True?
Sex can follow the “ramp effect,” an experience that gives you pleasure, but one that will never be as good as the first time. This outcome occurs because your brain structure and chemistry adapts to stimulus. It may take time, months or maybe years, but eventually you may find yourself having trouble getting to orgasm at all. 
For Your Information:
The Kama Sutra, the most-often referenced book on sex positions, serves as a collection of many different writings on sexual intercourse. The earliest entries date back to about 400 BCE, and some scholars consider that the book was assembled in about 200 CE. **
Okay, So Where Do I Start Learning About New Sexual Positions?
Fortunately, you're asking that question in the 21st century, where we have not only the Internet but libraries filled with books and magazines detailing all kinds of sexual positions. Just be aware of the differences between trying something new and trying something recognizably dangerous. This guide will give you some basics on how to figure out whether or not the position you're about to try offers significant risk of injury. 
Rule of thumb: If the position looks like both partners need to possess higher levels of physical strength, stamina and flexibility, then you should probably assume the position is too dangerous to try until you both meet the projected physical fitness levels.
Sexual Techniques, Detailed On
  • Advanced Corporal Screwing Technique: This technique is not appropriate for men with erectile problems, insufficient stamina or minimal general experience with sex. However, it can shock your sex life out of almost any doldrums.
  • Sensual Screwing Local Motion Technique: This technique is a simple variation of the classic “missionary” position, but with enough intriguing possibilities to stave off boredom for several sessions!
Sexual experimentation is not required for partners who mutually agree that their sex life is perfect as it is. For the rest of us, sexual experimentation doesn't have to be something that other people do. It can revitalize, or even save, a bland relationship.

And remember: Even if you never find a new sexual position that works as well as your personal favorite, you and your partner are guaranteed to have an interesting time trying out new ones. Do your homework, make certain you're in good enough physical shape to handle the position you're attempting, and above all, relax. You're both there to have fun. 
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