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Can Irregular Periods Cause Infertility?
Female infertility is one of those topics that women and society alike discuss in hush tones. The society has led us to believe that bearing children defines us as women. The ability to conceive gives me a sense of purpose as a woman, therefore; the thought of being infertile would be debilitating. Women diagnosed with infertility typically exude a sense of hopelessness and shame.

Worse, certain societies shun these women making their lives all the more unbearable. As a result, women tend to portray a sense of self-blame, guilt, and other negative emotions that exacerbate the situation.
I have met several women who feel dejected and incomplete after waking to the realization that they would never get the opportunity to enjoy the experience of conceiving. Nevertheless, there are solutions to this problem depending on the causes.
An Irregular Cycle
Numerous factors are responsible for causing female infertility. One of these factors is irregular menstrual cycle. Irregular cycles make it difficult for women to conceive. A considerable number of women with irregular menstrual cycles do not ovulate on a monthly basis thereby decreasing the likelihood of pregnancy. As we age, our reproductive systems undergo inevitable changes as women. Over time, our reproductive functions and systems decline while hormone secretions decrease. Consequently, menstrual cycles undergo alteration, thereby impeding a woman's ability to conceive.
The signs of irregular cycles include inconsistent bleeding, spotting between menses, and bleeding that lasts more than a week.  However, you should bear in mind that irregular cycles are a symptom of other issues. Irregular cycles have a strong link to stress, hormonal imbalance due to contraceptives, and exhaustion.  A consider number of women experience irregular menstrual cycles at some point in their lives, yet they never link it to relevant sources such as stress.
What You Should Do
Natural solutions may help women deal with stress and hormonal imbalances that cause irregular menstrual cycles. These solutions include dietary changes, which include cutting back on products with preservatives. Herbal remedies are also beneficial in managing hormonal imbalances. These remedies include chasteberry, which enhances the progesterone and luteinizing hormones, which are essential in monthly cycle regulation.
Women can adopt measures to prevent infertility that originates from irregular menses. Women typically have stressful lives, trying to juggle busy careers and family. To cap it all, fear of being expectant can also place your reproductive system under stress.

This fear can also interfere with a woman's sexual enjoyment, turning sexual intercourse into an unpleasant experience. Women also need to exercise caution when selecting birth control methods, which ultimately affect their reproductive system. A number of women depend on cheap and ineffective birth control methods for instance vaginal dams. Women should opt for effective and reliable methods such as contraceptive pills.

Nevertheless, these pills have drawbacks, which we cannot overlook for instance breakthrough bleeding and amenorrhea.  Therefore, women should explore their options thoroughly when considering birth control methods.
Lower Your Stress Level

Women should learn to strike a balance in their lives in order to eliminate the potential sources of infertility. By making the necessary lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants, you can prevent the risk of infertility due to irregular cycles.

Other lifestyle changes include exercise and consuming a healthy diet, which are necessary in dealing with hormonal changes that potentially cause infertility. It is important for women to realize that infertility is a problem that they can manage. This can only happen if women seek treatment and make the necessary lifestyle changes rather than suffering in silence.

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