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Better Late…Than Pregnant! - It's Best To Have A Regular Period Naturally

Better late…than pregnant. But being late on a consistent basis can make conceiving difficult. Take Angela, one of my best friends in college. Angela married young, and by 30 she and her husband wanted a child. They tried mornings. They tried evenings. They even tried…tried…and tri…tri…TRIED afternoons. Still, Angela could not conceive.

Her doctors told her the truth—her irregular periods created complications. The sporadic, unpredictable cycle assailed the couple—but mostly Angela. According to one of our late-night conversations, she felt “inferior” to other women. 
But her doctors also gave her hope. All three confirmed that changes to her diet could help. Each explained that her poor lifestyle choices and habits made it cumbersome for her body to start and stop its cycle on a regular basis. So Angela, in her typical fashion, took to find solutions.
Changing your diet
I spent countless nights on the phone with her. And through our conversations, she offered me the best option for women with irregular menstrual cycles—diet. But as I informed her, “It's important to realize that changing your diet requires commitment and long-term sacrifice.” She agreed, and knew that her changes would not be immediately felt. She even told me what she had to avoid in her quest toward a more regular cycle:
  • Preservatives
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic hormones
Angela, like most women today, spent most of her life consuming plenty of foods that contained these elements. Even foods that are good for us contain these harmful additives. For example, your typical fruits and veggies, as well as dairy items and many meats found in the average grocery store contain these imbalance-causing substances. 
However, with organic foods becoming more and more widespread, Angela filled up her pantry and her tummy. And switching to a significantly more organic diet started to provide her with a more regular menstrual cycle. But Angela noted, “the change from processed foods to organic is tough!”  
When Eating Better Isn't Enough
Angela admitted, “Diet and exercise are not enough.” So she took natural supplements to further improve her chances. Chasteberry, for example, increases the hormones in your body to regulate your period. If you have an irregular cycle, these types of hormones are apt to be running low in your body, (likely due to your diet).  
Angela reported that Safflower and Mexican Wild Yam too helped regulate blood flow. The stress of having an irregular menstrual cycle can be miserable, but there are some fantastic, natural solutions out there to help set you straight!

Today, Angela is the mother of two daughters. She thanked me for being there for her during her hour of despair. And she noted that our long midnight talks gave her the emotional boost she needed.

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