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Pre-Menstrual, Pretty Miserable! - How PMS-related irritability may be effectively treated

When a woman is experiencing the pain and discomfort of cramps associated with her menstrual cycle, the best course of action often seems to be to simply leave her alone. She’ll snap at you, act irrationally, and may be just generally unpleasant to be around. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) discomforts are of both psychological and physiological nature, though they may always be attributed to hormone imbalances. When hormones are not properly modulated, mood swings and irritability will result. Most often, PMS-related distress and pain is normal and endurable. But for many women, it can be a primal source of agony and unnerving stress. Luckily, most of the discomfort can easily be reduced or relieved. Often, a realignment of the body’s hormonal production is all that’s needed.
It’s almost impossible not to be irritable when one is experiencing any number of the infamous PMS-related symptoms such as menstrual cramps, emotional fluctuations, restlessness and sleep deprivation. Fluid retention makes women feel heavy and heavy flow makes them feel messy. Such reactions will adversely affect a woman’s disposition, possibly even causing her to display behavior she would later regret. However, something can be done about it. There is a way to relieve the disorder.
From the trusted vaults of Traditional Chinese Medicine comes a formula designed especially to treat the irritability that is due to PMS. Almost satirically, it is known as PMS: Pretty Miserable Syndrome – No More! Among the medicinal herbs within, Wild Yam, Chasteberry, and Dong Quai are all great modulators that balance the production of the female hormones. They work with the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis to regulate the body’s balance of estrogen and progesterone (usually enhancing the progesterone and decreasing the excess estrogen). 
Other herbs in the remedy include those commonly used to treat female-specific ailments such as Safflower, Bupleurum, White Peony, and Passion Flower. Together they help restore a natural cycle balance and relieve problems associated with PMS. In order to reduce painful menstrual cramps, water retention, and bloating, eat foods rich in B-Complex content to help relieve anxiety, and implement an herbal remedy – you’ll be surprised how much more pleasant you’ll be as a result!

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