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Turning Her On By Being a Gentlemen

Nice guys finish last; gentlemen, first. When a woman says she wants a nice guy, she really means she wants a gentleman. Nice guys don’t take charge; they lack aggressiveness, authority and sexiness. Gentlemen plan; they make decisions; they flirt; and they understand how to please a woman. And a common trait nice guys share is they don’t have a lot of sex. Gentlemen do. For ladies looking for a viable partner, a gentleman will likely be her first option.

Being a Gentlemen Will Increase Your Sex Appeal

A man needs a set of ethics, a series of principles to determine what type of individual he will be. A gentleman too needs a series of principles to follow and abide by. For men looking to increase their sex appeal and shed their “nice guy” label, here’s a few trait every gentlemen shares.
Manners: A well-mannered man can evoke respect and admiration from his peers and elders. More importantly, a well-mannered man will yearn the respect of women. Saying “please” and “thank you,” respecting others and treating humans with dignity can make a man sex.
Plan and Keep a Backup Plan: The worst thing you can do is show up to her doorstep and ask her, “So, what are we doing tonight?” You’re the man—you decide! If your first choice gets shot down, keep a backup plan. Men need to entertain the idea of taking charge. She wants to date a man—not a boy—and men who act will reap more respect as a confident, sexy individual.
Don’t Be a Push Over: Men show some aggression, defend yourselves and protect what you believe is right. Defend yourself. Stand up to what you believe. A man who “stands his ground” is respected and admired.
Exhibit Some Patience: Men eager to get into the sack with a woman fail on their quest. Patience is a true virtue of a gentleman. Wait, take your time and notice the results in the end.
Speak like an Adult: Gentlemen know the power language has over people. Words can persuade and convince people, and your use of words can allure a woman. Swear words, slang and raunchy sayings will win you no admiration from women. Speak like an adult.
Keep Calm and Carry On: Men who display visible agitation are seen as less attractive. Relax and stay calm to ignite her interests in you.
These rules will not guarantee you’ll find your way into her bed at night, but you’ll have a higher chance of success. Men who exhibit the signs of a gentleman reap the rewards more often than a man who refuses to take charge or show some manners while speaking to people. 

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