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Why Erectile Dysfunction Can Signal Aging Arteries & Heart Diseases?
Impotence refers to a condition where the penis loses the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Impotence can create an embarrassing situation for the sufferer and put off the opposite partner.

It can also cause strain in existing relationships and steal the much needed spice from your sex life.

Research suggests that erectile dysfunction or chronic impotence affects 30 million Americans worldwide. It was previously believed that impotence was more of a psychological problem but tests have shown that 85% of all cases are attributed to physical causes.
Erectile dysfunction may be chronic (occurs frequently) or it may be an isolated case. You need to worry if it happens frequently. So what are the physical causes of impotence? Studies show that some causes of impotence include not having a healthy diet, ageing, hormonal imbalance and ageing arteries. Majority of the people start suffering from impotence after the age of 40 and 1 in every 3 people over the age of 60 suffer from it. Even people suffering from diabetes run a high risk of being impotent.
The Diet of an Unhealthy Erection
Though ageing may cause impotence, new research shows men as young as 20 years old experience it. The main cause here is leading an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, an unhealthy diet may lead to obesity in men as well as women. Unhealthy diet can also lead to other complications such as; uneven menstrual cycles in women, infertility and low libido.
Junk foods are one of the major causes of a limp erection. People who consume high fat content food may suffer from inelastic penis arteries. The complication in arteries is caused by the build up of plaque which blocks the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Aged arteries in the penis also result in loss flow of blood and this hampers a natural erection.
One of the most effective solutions in this case is to eat and exercise well. Many people resort to herbal supplements for treating impotence. Though there are hundreds of ads in different mediums for treating erectile dysfunction, you should trust only recognized herbal remedies for treating erectile dysfunction and arteries.
Repair the Damage
These proven herbal remedies help to repair the oxidative damages to penile tissues. They also help to improve blood flow in the arteries, thereby leading to better and sustained erections. Erection firmness is gradually restored and the person regains his confidence for sexual intercourse.

Some herbal treatments also help to increase sex drive while others enhance erectile capacity. The herbs also help to improve hormone production that is necessary for aging arteries.

The herbal supplements can be taken orally and they help to improve vascular blood flow as well as protecting arterial function. Catalase levels in the body can improve by more than 170%. They also have other benefits that indirectly cure impotence. For example, many of these herbs help to lose weight, sharpen the brain and helps maintain blood pressure in control. These factors indirectly help you to get better control over your erection.

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