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Behind Closed Doors - An Expert Opinion About Masturbation

The truth is out there and I have seen the light. I see it every time a teen e-mails me; their problems are all the same, their symptoms all parallel with one another. I realize this whenever middle-aged men confront me about premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction; their histories are the same.
Over-masturbation kills sex.
A trend that alarms me is the way that the medical community seems to advocate masturbation and say that it is perfectly healthy. It can be to a certain extent. But like all good things, masturbation (and sex for that matter) can become addictive. Men who have chronically masturbated throughout their lives come to me in horrible conditions, not just sexually. They are depressed, balding, and fatigued. They are unable to concentrate and lack motivation. They have weak bones and joints, and are underweight.
They are fed up with it all.
Some of them have been suicidal. Others just want to have a normal sex life. It is a good thing that they have come to me, though, because I can help them and hopefully, together we can all spread the truth about masturbation.
Masturbation is the act of self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. People are programmed to be sexual (like all things in nature, though humans are the only species that actually reproduce solely for pleasure), and some people start masturbating at the very young age of five or six. Masturbating this young is often a result of a traumatic experience and, since masturbation feels good, they use it as a form of therapy to cope with such tragedies (like a death in the family).
However, if these children begin to rely on masturbation and do so chronically, they are almost guaranteed to keep this habit with them as they age and mature. Masturbation before puberty is particularly damaging for males as the necessary hormones and nutrients are essential for a male’s growth during this time. That is why many people who have over-masturbated themselves during their youth are underweight or short. They also have deformities in their penises and lose hair sooner. Part of the blame lies with child circumcision, as the glans of the penis is exposed early and young boys become aware of the pleasurable sensations before they have a chance to learn about their bodies first.
Many people have been raised to believe that masturbation is not damaging, is natural and is done by everybody; as if you didn’t do it, there was something wrong with you. Likewise there have been people who have been raised to believe that masturbation is a disgusting and horrible act. I choose to stand between these two points of view. It is my firm belief that masturbation is normal and healthy if kept to a minimum. It should be used primarily to experiment and allow a person to become more familiar with their body and the sensations and pleasures it can bring.
Like alcohol consumption, a little is healthy, a lot is very unhealthy. The same principle applies to the act of masturbation.

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